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8U Sprint Race to Push-The-Tire Battle

By USA Hockey, 12/29/15, 10:00AM MST


Purpose: Engage players in a sprint-type race that ends with a 1v1 battle using a tire and upside-down sticks. The purpose is twofold: (1) to develop explosive take-offs and skating speed and (2) to get low and compete in the tire battle, using edges, leverage and powerful strides.

Drill Structure: Coach yells "one," "two," or "three" (in this example, coach yelled "two") depending on which tire he or she designates as the finish line for the sprint. X1 and F1 sprint to that tire. The first player to the tire wins the sprint. Players then turn over their sticks and engage in a push-the-tire battle. Player wins the push battle when the tire hits the opponent's defensive wall.

Equipment: Tires and dividers.

Comments: Let the kids have fun. The sprint should be explosive. Emphasize proper skating posture and technique, quick take-offs and powerful strides. The tire battle will be ugly, but that's OK. Be sure to show players how to properly load their body weight and push hard on the tire.