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By USA Hockey Officiating Program, 02/24/14, 4:15PM MST


During the weekend of February 28 – March 2, 2014, the United States celebrates Hockey Weekend Across America. This annual event recognizes the long history of ice hockey in the United States, and continued success of the development of skill and passion within players, coaches, officials, and parents.

The USA Hockey Officiating Program will continue its tradition of connecting officials at the highest and grassroots levels of the game during this weekend. The District Referees-in-Chief and their support staff have identified 25 dedicated grassroots hockey officials to attend a local National Hockey League game and meet the officials prior to game time.

This unique experience will offer the young officials the opportunity to learn the commitment, hard work, and sacrifice it takes to advance to the highest levels of the game, while the NHL Officials will have the opportunity to reflect on the grassroots path from which they came. In addition to meeting the officials before the game, the local officials (plus one guest) will pick up further tips as they watch their role models work.

The officials participating in this program are,


St. Louis Blues @ Anaheim Ducks

·         {C}Jill Salvo – Long Beach, CA

·         {C}Niko Diehr – Fullerton, CA

 San Jose Sharks @ Buffalo Sabers

·         {C}Brian Halpern –East Amherst, NY

·         {C}Daniel Iulianello – Webster, NY

 Phoenix Coyotes @ Colorado Avalanche

·         {C}Lucas O’Connor – Littleton, CO

·         {C}Michael Cohen – Englewood, CO


Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins

·         {C}Matthew Keaney – Auburn, ME

 Florida Panthers @ Columbus Blue Jackets

·         {C}Bryan Gorcoff – Dublin, OH

 Tampa Bay Lightning @ Dallas Stars

·         {C}Kayleigh Bowers – Dallas, TX

·         {C}Chase Wilkinson – Spring, TX

 Carolina Hurricanes @ Los Angeles Kings

·         {C}Bridget Gonzales – La Habra, CA

·         {C}Quentin Cronk – Huntington Beach, CA

 Winnipeg Jets @ Nashville Predators

·         {C}Noah Klinsky – Brentwood, TN

·         {C}Kevin Roberts – Franklin, TN

 New Jersey Devils @ New York Islanders

·         {C}Patrick Theodoropoulos – New Hyde Park, NY

 New York Rangers @ Philadelphia Flyers

·         {C}Eric Sailor – Sewell, NJ

·         {C}Charlie Van Kula – Radnor, PA


San Jose Sharks @ New Jersey Devils

·         {C}Bobby Esposito – Bridgewater, NJ

·         {C}Ryan Siegel – Dayton, NJ

 Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers

·         {C}Dylan O’Bayley – Mineola, NY

·         {C}Kyle Walker – Hicksville, NY

 St. Louis Blues @ Phoenix Coyotes

·         {C}Adam Curwin – Scottsdale, AZ

·         {C}Jacob Geiwitz – Chandler, AZ

 Philadelphia Flyers @ Washington Capitals

·         {C}Joseph Johnson – Dumfries, VA

·         {C}Christopher Simpson – Ellicott City, MD


Colorado Avalanche @ Chicago Blackhawks

·         {C}Anthony Vikhter – Morton Grove, IL

·         {C}Daniel Goldberg – Deerfield, IL

The USA Hockey Officiating Program wishes to thank the National Hockey League, its member clubs, and the National Hockey League Officiating Association for their continued support and success of this program.

*The Chicago Blackhawks’ participation was moved to March 4th due to the Stadium Series game at Soldier Field on March 1st.