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Extraordinary Sportsmanship Makes for Memorable Night in Minnesota

By Jayson Hron - USA Hockey, 01/22/14, 11:00AM MST


More than 80 years ago, there was a popular American publication named Playground and Recreation. Ahead of its time as an advocate not only for youth in America, but also for the benefits of healthy, active lifestyles, it took a progressive view on youth sports.

In one noteworthy Playground and Recreation riff, Will Reeves wrote, “The game itself cannot be said to be character building or character destroying. It is the spirit in which the team and each individual approach the contest and play the game that makes of it a constructive or destructive moral and social force.”

A pair of bantam-aged opponents in Minnesota recently provided a memorable lesson in that spirit. One was a goaltender; the other was a defenseman pressed into service between the pipes. The result was an extraordinary show of sportsmanship that won’t be soon forgotten by any in attendance.

Brian Halverson, executive editor of Minnesota Hockey Magazine, has the full story here.

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