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Week 6

12/27/2013, 6:15pm MST
By Ask the Official

Question: Is the official required to stop play if a piece of the goaltender's equipment comes off?

Answer: Situation #1 on Page 59 of the USA Hockey Playing Rules Casebook states,
“What action should the referee take when the goalkeeper loses one of his gloves during play?

Keeping safety as the primary consideration, the referee should stop play whenever the goalkeeper loses a glove and is in a vulnerable position UNLESS there is an imminent scoring opportunity in which play should be allowed to continue until the imminent scoring opportunity has passed. Rule Reference 304(a & d).

If the Referee judges the goalkeeper has deliberately removed any equipment during play he should assess the offending goalkeeper a ‘Delay of Game’ minor penalty.”

Furthermore, the officials should always stop play immediately any time a goalkeeper’s helmet is removed.

Question: Does USA Hockey have a definition of a fighting major? My son was recently suspended for confronting an opponent who had hit one of his teammates after the final buzzer. My son never dropped his stick or gloves and therefore could not possibly have thrown a punch during this confrontation.

Answer: Unfortunately we cannot give an objective judgment to your situation since we did not witness the play first-hand. However, a player does not have to drop his stick and gloves to throw a punch and earn a penalty for Fighting.

Question: Is it legal for a goalkeeper to wear a small camera mounted to the side of his mask during games?

Answer: Rule 303(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
With the exception of skates and stick, all the equipment worn by the goalkeeper must be constructed solely for the purpose of protecting the head or body, and he must not wear any garment or use any contrivance that would give him undue assistance in keeping goal.”

Since the camera is not worn for protection, it cannot be worn on the ice during games.

Question: Team A has 22 seconds left on a minor penalty when Team A has a second player being called for a minor trip and a minor rough. At the same time, a Team B player is being called with a Slashing minor. The referee has Team A put an extra player in box to sit for the extra minor. Would Team A's player who got the two penalties sit four minutes until the next stoppage of play?

Answer: In the situation you describe Team A would initially play 5 v. 3 for 22 seconds, after which the initial player with a minor would leave the box immediately. Then play would be 5 v. 4 for the remainder of the additional minor on the penalty clock. Once this penalty expires the additional Team A player would leave the penalty box immediately). The Team A player who received the two minor penalties would sit in the penalty box for four minutes (the entire duration of the penalties he earned) and would return to the ice at the first whistle after four minutes. The Team B player would sit for two minutes and then return to the ice at the first stoppage.

Question: Can you clarify the Hand Pass rule? The rule says batted or pushed on the ice directly to a player. What about a deflection off a glove to a teammate. I’ve had people tell me that it is a hand pass and other people tell me it’s not.

Answer: A Hand Pass should be called anytime a player intentionally directs the puck with his hand in a direction where it comes into possession of a teammate. A Hand Pass should not be called if the puck simply deflects of a player’s glove and it is pick-up by a teammate.


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