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2012-13 Registration expires on November 30, 2013

By USAH Officiating Program, 10/08/13, 9:45AM MDT


All returning officials have seven weeks to complete registration before eligibility expires. 2012-13 Registration will expire on November 30, 2013 and any official who does not complete 2013-14 Registration cannot officiate games until they are complete.

The USAH Officiating Program strongly encourages all officials to take steps early to avoid missing games.

Please note that sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks between seminar dates and the arrival of a Card and Crest. Our hard-working volunteer staff processes information as quickly as possible, but sometimes there are a few delays.

Furthermore, failure of the Open Book Exam results in a seven-day waiting period before the exam can be re-accessed. This process cannot be waived, so we encourage everyone to complete their exams as early as possible.

Ultimately, each official is responsible for completing their registration in a timely manner. Being aware of the registration process and timelines is the key to avoiding missing games.