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2022-23 ATO | WEEK 17

By USA Hockey Officiating Program, 12/23/22, 6:00AM MST


QUESTIONCan a ref add a misconduct for cross checking (2 + 10)? My thought is yes, but I hear differently.

ANSWER: There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that allows a minor plus misconduct specifically for Cross-Checking. However, a player may earn a minor for Cross-Checking and be given an additional misconduct for Abuse of Officials or some other infraction during the same stoppage.


QUESTIONWhat do I need to bring for the on-ice part of the classroom seminar?

ANSWER: Assuming you are a new Level 1 Official, skates, a helmet and a whistle of some kind is all that is required for a Level 1 classroom seminar ice session. You are not required to purchase a sweater and other uniform items until you receive your card and crest.


QUESTIONIs it regulation for teams to shake hands before the game? Is it against regulation to shake hands after a game?

ANSWER: There are no playing rules in USA Hockey that dictate when a handshake between teams must occur. This tradition is generally dictated by the local league or local hockey association.


QUESTIONCan the center ice spot be used for any other face-off than: the beginning of period, after a goal is scored, or a premature goaltender substitution; that is, can it be used as a “last play face-off” location?

ANSWER: The Center-ice face-off spot can be used for a Last-Play face-off.


QUESTIONWhat recourse do Adult League Recreational League team captains, or players have when they feel that game is being called unsafely and/or unprofessionally by the on-ice officials?

ANSWER: We encourage you to contact your Local or State Supervisor of Officials and District Referee-in-Chief with this issue through your League or Local Hockey Association. These issues are generally better left to our local representatives due to the rapport they have established with the various officials, Local Officiating Associations (who schedule games), Hockey Associations and Leagues, and Hockey Directors. These relationships put them in the best position to quickly investigate matters and make decisions regarding any consequences.

Furthermore, we suggest filing your complaint through your local league due to the credibility it will carry.

Contact information for your Local or State Supervisor of Officials and District Referee-in-Chief can be found by following the appropriate district link at the main Officiating Directory webpage at the Officials section of


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