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2022-23 ATO | WEEK 7

By USA Hockey Officiating, 10/14/22, 6:45AM MDT


QUESTIONPlay is stopped for premature substitution of the goalkeeper with play over the red line, so the face-off is at center ice. Is the offending team required to put the goalkeeper back in net in order to attempt to legally substitute their goalkeeper during the next play or can they pull their goalkeeper?

ANSWER: If a team violates the Premature Goalkeeper Substitution rule (Rule 205.a), they are not required to place the goalkeeper back on the ice before the face-off.


QUESTIONIs there a difference between "suspended" and "forfeited" in regards to lack of adult supervision? During a game, the coach got sick and had to leave. There were no other adults around, so was I supposed to just suspend the game and contact local authorities? Or is it considered a forfeit and written down as a loss?

ANSWERA game is considered suspended when the officials determine that due to whatever extenuating circumstances (rink defect, coach pulls his/her team, etc.) that it can no longer be played, but no playing rule determines a winner given the circumstances (e.g. Rule 201.a). The officials will report the suspended game to the proper authorities (league, association, etc.) who will decide on an outcome (re-schedule, declare a winner, etc.).

Rule 201.a is currently the only circumstance where an official can terminate a game and declare a winner.


QUESTIONWhat is the difference between the " Golden Triangle" and "Home Base"?

ANSWER: The “Golden Triangle” is outlined on page 19 of the USA Hockey Basic Officiating Manual, and “Home Base” is one of the three points of the triangle. “Home Base” is the point on the Goal Line closest to the goal where an imaginary line connecting the face-off spots on one side of the ice would intersect with the goal line. This is where the referee should spend as much time as possible unless play moves to his/her side of the ice, at which point they would move back into the corner.


QUESTIONAre youth players required to wear a strapped mouthpiece? I could not find anything in the rules pertaining to a strapped mouthpiece.

ANSWER: While mouthpieces are required (and recommended) at certain levels of the game, they are not required to be attached to the face-mask at any level.


QUESTIONIf NO injury occurs, can a major plus game misconduct for boarding be assessed under Rule 603.a anyway (based on degree of violence, at the official’s discretion, etc.)? I have been taught both 'yes' and 'no' at various seminars.

ANSWERRule 603.b in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

"A major plus game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who recklessly endangers an opponent as a result of boarding."

Therefore, the determining factor with assessing "minor plus misconduct" vs. "major plus game misconduct" penalties is the action of the infraction itself. If the player recklessly endangers the opponent with his/her actions, the game officials must assess major plus game misconduct penalties.


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