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2022-23 ATO | WEEK 6

By USA Hockey Officiating, 10/07/22, 6:45AM MDT


QUESTIONHow do I find the Closed Book Exam?

ANSWER: Starting with the 2022-23 registration season, the USA Hockey Referee Section (represented by the volunteer USA Hockey Referees-in-Chief) made the decision to eliminate the Closed Book Exam from all levels of registration.

This step has been replaced with a longer (100 question) Open Book Exam for Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 officials. The USAH Referee Section believes this will still hold officials accountable for maintaining rule knowledge, but make the overall process more of an educational experience.


QUESTIONIs there a study guide for the Level 3 Open Book Exam. If not, any suggestions on topics to study?

ANSWER: The best study guides available for all USA Hockey Playing Rules exams are the USA Hockey Rule Book & Casebook and the BasicIntermediate and Advanced Officiating Manuals.


QUESTIONTeam A has a player in the box serving two minor penalties. While serving the first of the two minors, Team A picks up a delayed minor penalty for Hooking. During the delayed penalty, Team A gives up a goal to Team B. Is the delayed penalty wiped out in this scenario, or is the first minor to the player in the box wiped out?

ANSWERRule 409.b in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“If the Referee signals an additional minor penalty(s) against a team that is already shorthanded (below the numerical strength of its opponent on the ice at the time of the goal) because of one or more minor or bench minor penalties, and a goal is scored by the non-offending team, the goal shall be allowed. The delayed penalty(s) shall be assessed and the first non-coincidental minor penalty already being served shall terminate automatically under Rule 402.c (Minor Penalties).”


QUESTIONIs a team allowed to dress five Goalkeepers and fifteen skaters?

ANSWERRule 201.a in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A maximum of 20 players, in which not more than 18 are skaters, shall be permitted to play in the game.”

Therefore, a team may dress any combination of skaters and goalkeepers provided they do not dress more than 18 skaters or 20 overall participants.


QUESTIONAre officials allowed to wear helmet cameras during games for training and continued development purposes?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules prohibit all participants (officials and players) from wearing any type of camera during games.


The USA Hockey Playing Rules are now available as a mobile device app! Check your Apple, Android, or Windows app store to download this playing rule app free of charge.

Check out the USA Hockey mobile-friendly online rulebook application! Enter into your mobile device’s web browser to gain instant access to the USA Hockey Playing Rules (must have mobile or internet service).

The USA Hockey Playing Rules Casebook and other educational material can be found under the OFFICIALS tab at