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2022-23 ATO | WEEK 2

By USA Hockey Officiating Education Program, 09/09/22, 6:45AM MDT


QUESTIONWhat is the rule on removing a player's helmet while on the ice while the national anthem is being played? We have been told that it must remain on by some, and that it may be removed by others. What is the official rule?

ANSWER: There are no rules in the USA Hockey Rulebook that cover behavior during pre-game anthems. However, general culture dictates that players should remove their helmets once they position themselves on the blue line (or while on the team bench), and immediately replace them as soon as the song ends.


QUESTIONIs there a rule that forbids a late-arriving player from joining the game later than the end of the first period?

ANSWERRule 203.a in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

Once the game has started, an eligible player or goalkeeper may be added to the scoresheet during a stoppage of play provided no players are deleted from the game roster and maximum roster size has not been exceeded. For each player added however, a bench minor penalty for illegal substitution shall be assessed.”

If the player is listed on the game roster when he arrives to the game, he may enter the game with no penalty. However, if the player must be added to the game roster when he arrives (assuming there is room on the roster), then the player may enter the game but the team must be assessed a Bench Minor penalty.


QUESTIONPlayer A is in possession of the puck and is impeded (stick contact) by Player B. Player A momentarily loses his balance due to the stick contact, but then appears to go down in an unnatural manner in an attempt to "sell" the tripping penalty. The official assesses a minor penalty for tripping to Player B. He then assesses a minor penalty for embellishment/diving to Player A. Is this the correct assessment of penalties by the official?

ANSWER: There are no “diving” or “embellishment” penalties in the USA Hockey Playing Rules. However, this type of behavior (which is not in the spirit of the game) should be brought to the attention of the team’s coach who should correct the behavior.


QUESTIONTeam A commits a minor penalty. Team B commits a minor penalty 30-seconds later. Team A commits another minor penalty 20 seconds later. Team B scores 40 seconds later while 4 on 3. What player comes out of the penalty box for Team A when the goal is scored?

ANSWER: When a team scores a power-play goal, the minor penalty currently being served (active on the penalty clock) with the least amount of time left to be served is terminated. So the first minor to Team A is terminated after Team B scores in your situation.


QUESTIONUsing the USA Hockey rulebook, how is a forfeit scored? During a game, if a team gets down to less than four players the game is a forfeit (Rule 201.a). What is the official score? If Team A is leading Team B by a 4 - 1 score, and Team B has to forfeit, what is the official final recorded score? If it happens in the first period as opposed to the third period, is there a difference in how the resultant score is handled?

ANSWER: This question is not covered by the USA Hockey Playing Rules, which deal with how the game is actually managed. Forfeits and scoring would be decided by the league or hockey association that governs the game.

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