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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 34

By USA Hockey, 03/25/22, 6:15AM MDT


This week’s features: Frozen pucks...Ice cuts...Goal celebrations...and more.

QUESTIONWe have this happen often. a puck goes under a goalie leg pad and is trapped though still partially still visible. It is not moving but forwards still whack at it...should the whistle blow or play continue? What defines frozen and generates a whistle if you can see the puck but the goalie has it trapped?

ANSWER: The play should be stopped when the official determines the goalkeeper has sufficient control of the puck. However, attacking players may not make any stick contact with a goalkeeper at any time during play or after a stoppage.


QUESTION: May a player in an adult classification game wear a GoPro device during a game?

ANSWER: Under the USA Hockey Playing Rules, no player or official may wear any type of camera during any type of USA Hockey sanctioned game.


QUESTION: Can you take off your glove for a celebration in the 14U category?

ANSWER: There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that prevents this assuming the celebration does not violate unsportsmanlike conduct rules.


QUESTIONHow many penalties can a player be assessed at one time? Is it possible for players to receive 3 penalties at once in this case?

ANSWER: A player should be assessed the proper penalty for each infraction they commit. A player could check an opponent from behind (minor plus misconduct) and then complain about the call (unsportsmanlike minor) and continue to complain after the original unsportsmanlike call (misconduct), and that would be four penalties.


QUESTIONWe just had our state tournament. No zammining was completed during any games. Championship went into a full DOUBLE overtime. Again, no zamming. We were told it is not mandatory to zam. Is it true that zamming is not mandatory for a 14U tournament?

ANSWER: Game Operations for state tournaments are coordinated by your local USA Hockey State Affiliate, therefore we recommend sending your comments to this group through your team.

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