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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 33

By USA Hockey, 03/18/22, 6:15AM MDT


This week’s features: Diving...Handshake lines...Multiple fights...and more.

QUESTIONI don't see embellishment listed in Rule 601. How do you assess this call?

ANSWER: Strictly speaking, there is no official rule for “diving” in USA Hockey. One would assume if our Coaches are teaching the game correctly, this behavior would not be tolerated by a team bench. If any player is making an obvious attempt at drawing a penalty from an opponent, the official can speak with the player or coach and make it clear that type of behavior is unlikely to get a penalty the next time if it continues (btw, the next time might be a real fall from a trip or hook).


QUESTIONReferee assessed a fighting major in a game, but the referee puts a wrong number on the scoresheet. The score sheet is already signed and given to the team's what should happen?

ANSWER: In this situation, if the referee realizes his mistake immediately he should contact his supervisor and let him know about the error. The supervisor can contact the disciplinary body of the team and let them know about the error.

If the mistake is not caught, the player is still held accountable for his actions that lead to the suspension. In other words, a clerical error on the score sheet does not cancel a suspension. Otherwise, a clerical error on a score sheet would also have to cancel a goal.


QUESTIONWhat is the rule on making a kid go through a line where the opposition coach has made vulgar comments in prior games? We have a coach that has consistently made comments to my grandson in the line. The third time, some of the other kids heard it. Can I tell my grandson to just come off the ice to avoid this abusive behavior? He's 10. This coach is playing head games with kids.

ANSWERA player does not have to participate in the post-game handshake. However, not proceeding through the line might make him/her look like a poor sport.

If this coach’s behavior is happening consistently, then your team should file a report to your league or hockey association. Including “comments” and names of people who have heard them would be helpful. The league or hockey association can then take steps to correct the coach’s behavior.


QUESTIONUSAH Rule 615 states that "Any player...fighting with the same team during the same season shall receive a three-game suspension." Does that mean that if a player fights with a player from the same team a second time then there is an extra penalty assessed, or does it mean that if you get two fighting penalties while playing on a team in a single season that you get the extra penalty?

ANSWER: Rule 615(f) states that any player who receives two Fighting penalties while playing with the same team during a season, will receive supplemental discipline in addition to the normal Game Misconduct suspension.


QUESTIONPlease let me know how Rule 411 is enforced when you do not receive data on penalties. Scoresheets that have this data are not submitted anywhere. Our team has had so many concussions (some of which are caused by the same team) it is mathematically impossible for some of these kids to not be suspended. Unnecessary Injuries have gotten so bad I am really questioning the enforcement by USA hockey.

ANSWERAll major penalties that fall into the Rule 411 and Rule 615 categories must be reported by officials using the USA Hockey Online Game Reporting System. The USAH Game Reporting System is set-up to track reports using each player’s USAH Registration Number, and when that player hits the three-major penalty threshold (Rule 411) an email is automatically generated and sent to the local USAH Affiliate Disciplinary Body of the team.

Therefore, as long as the officials are following up their major penalty calls with reports the system monitors itself.

If you have further questions about this process or feel there are teams in your area that are not being held accountable to Rule 411, please contact your USA Hockey Affiliate (your local USAH Governing Body) through your team.

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