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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 32

By USA Hockey, 03/11/22, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: Suspended games...GoPro Cameras...Refusal to start play...and more.

QUESTION: Can I put a GoPro on the top of my helmet for a Bantam B game?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules do not permit any player or official to wear any type of camera during any USA Hockey sanctioned game.


QUESTIONI just wondered what the rule is on a coach following an official into the referee room after a game to dispute calls? Should this be tolerated?

ANSWER: Unless they are invited to enter, no non-officiating personnel should ever enter the Officials dressing room. This type of behavior should be reported to the Local Supervisor of Officials and Youth Hockey Association for proper discipline.


QUESTIONIf the goalie catches the puck but his own momentum carries his entire glove and forearm clearly across the goal line before he pulls it back out, is a goal still awarded even though the puck is not directly visualized across the line?

ANSWER: If the official determines the puck completely crossed the goal line while inside the goalkeeper’s glove, the goal should be awarded. This assumes there was no physical interference by the attacking team that caused the puck to cross the goal line.


QUESTIONHigh school hockey game suspended at 8:29 of the second period due to protective walls around rink being broken and not being able to be repaired. Score 2 to 1 at time. Game rescheduled for later date. Does game resume at 8:29 point or start over as less than half game played?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey National Office does not decide the outcome of suspended games. This decision is made by the local League or Youth Association hosting the game.


QUESTIONIn regards to Rule 633, when one team decides not to continue to play, does the ref have to follow the process (warn the Captain and allow the team 15 seconds , give a bench minor penalty, and if the same team refuses to continue play, the Referee shall suspend the game and assess a match penalty to the responsible Team Official(s).) Or can the ref decide not to speak to the coach and just submit an incident report for a match penalty?

ANSWER: Given the repercussions of a Match penalty (i.e. immediate suspension pending a hearing), it is very important that the game officials follow the correct procedure when managing a team that refuses to start play. This includes all steps listed in your question.

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