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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 30

By USA Hockey, 02/25/22, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: High-sticking...Buzzers...Helmet cameras...and more.

QUESTIONThis question has a two parts. 1. A player on the attacking team high sticks the puck while in his team's attacking zone. The official blows their whistle to call high sticking. Does the ensuing face-off take place at the nearest neutral zone face-off dot or is the face-off moved back to the offending team's defensive zone? 2. If high sticking the puck is called in the neutral zone, where does the ensuing face-off take place?

ANSWER: Rule 621(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“When the puck is played above the height of the shoulders with the stick, play shall be immediately stopped and a face-off conducted at one of the end zone face-off spots in the defending zone of the offending team unless:

1. The puck is batted to an opponent who gains possession and control of the puck, in which case play shall continue, or

2. A player of the defending team bats the puck into their own goal, in which case the goal is allowed.”


QUESTIONAs an official, I've noticed more youth and adult players with helmet cameras. I've seen helmets with built-in cameras and also ones with with a mount on the helmet itself. Although I'm unsure whether or not these decides are recording while on the ice are they HECC approved?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules do not allow players or officials to wear any type of camera during a game.


QUESTIONCan a player skate through the crease with the puck, and the goalie push out to make a poke check, and the skater makes contact with the goalie?

ANSWER: Attacking players may not make contact with the goalkeeper’s crease unless the puck is located in the crease. Furthermore, attacking players must maintain control of their skating at all times and avoid careless and reckless contact with the goalkeeper.

Rule 607(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A minor plus a misconduct or a major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to a player who body checks or charges a goalkeeper while the goalkeeper is within his goal crease or privileged area.”


QUESTIONWith one second left in a game, a player from Team A is on a breakaway when a player from Team B trips him from behind as the clock goes to "0:00". Should this have been a penalty shot? The player on Team A would have needed to shoot the puck before he was fouled in order to score, he had just crossed the blue line into the attacking zone when the foul occurred, we decided it was not a reasonable scoring opportunity. Would anything have changed if play had been stopped with any time left?

ANSWER: If a team commits a rule infraction that would result in a penalty shot but the game clock reaches 0:00 before play is stopped and the penalty is assessed, the player should be allowed to take the penalty shot before the game is considered complete.


QUESTIONScoring a goal during the buzzer at the end of the period. I think  I remember that the buzzer length is the tenths of a second left on the clock. So scoring during the buzzer sounding should be counted, as that means there is time left on the clock?

ANSWER: A period is over immediately once the game clock buzzer begins to sound.

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