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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 29

By USA Hockey, 02/18/22, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: Goal pegs...Stick-lifts...Pinning...and more.

QUESTIONUse of goal pegs, my understanding is guidance is use at "12U and up" and not at "10U & below"?

ANSWER: USA Hockey does not have any official policy regarding the use of goal-post pins. The decision of what playing levels should use them is left to the Local Associations, Team Officials, and Game Officials to make with the best interests of fair play and player safety in mind. We recommend contacting your local Youth Association to receive more information about their policies.


QUESTIONWhat is USA Hockey’s take on diving? If blatant, can a minor for unsportsmanlike be called?

ANSWER: Strictly speaking, there is no official rule for “diving” in USA Hockey. One would assume if our coaches are teaching the game correctly, this behavior would not be tolerated by any team bench. If any player is making an obvious attempt at drawing a penalty from an opponent, the official can speak with the player or coach and make it clear that type of behavior is unlikely to get a penalty the next time if it continues (btw, the next time might be a real fall from a trip or hook).


QUESTIONAlthough I know it is not permissible to have a back-up goalie sit in the penalty box to make room on the players bench i cannot find any rule reference to prohibit this action.

ANSWER: Rule 507.c in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Only penalized players and off-ice official(s), are permitted to occupy the penalty bench. Play shall not continue until any unauthorized persons have been removed.”


QUESTIONIf I am the defender chasing down an opponent on a breakaway, can I lift his stick and hold it up (shaft-to-shaft, never touching his hands or body with my stick)? Or is this a Hook?

ANSWER: "Stick-lifts" and "stick-presses" are permitted provided the opponent has possession of the puck, and the contact is restricted to the lowest portion of the opponent’s stick (near the blade). If the contact is made anywhere near the hands, then Hooking must be called.


QUESTIONBy Rule 604, it appears "pinning" is illegal unless the player is not attempting to play the puck. Correct?

ANSWER: Under the USA Hockey Playing Rule Standard of Play with regard to Body Contact, a player may use size and strength to complete for the puck and gain an advantageous position on an opponent. However, if his actions unfairly restrict the movement of an opponent or unfairly take an advantage away from an opponent, then they should be penalized under Interference or Holding.

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