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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 28

By USA Hockey, 02/11/22, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: Offsides...Sweater ads...Stick contact...and more.

QUESTIONLooking for clarification on when a goalie attempts to cover a puck with his glove. An official told me that although kids are taught to "play until the whistle," this does not apply in this situation. He stated the play is deemed dead, regardless of whether the whistle was blown or not.

ANSWER: Rule 625.a in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states:

“A minor penalty shall be assessed for interference. This includes the following actions which shall be penalized under this rule:
Any player who makes physical contact, using his stick or body, in a manner that interferes with the movement of the goalkeeper, unless otherwise specified in the rules”

Furthermore, Rule 634.d states:

“A minor penalty shall be assessed to any player who makes stick contact with an opposing goalkeeper while he is in his goal crease and who has covered or caught the puck, regardless of whether or not the Referee has stopped play.”


QUESTIONIn the Crease. For a player to be called in the crease for USA Youth Hockey, is the call when he is in the blue or within the 6' half circle?

ANSWER: Rule 625.b in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states:

“A face-off shall be conducted at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot anytime an attacking player stands, holds his stick, or skates through the goal crease provided the puck is in the attacking zone, the attacking team has possession of the puck and the goalkeeper is in contact with the crease.

No goal may be scored with an attacking player in the goal crease unless the puck has preceded the player(s) into the goal crease or the goalkeeper is out of the goal crease area.

However, if the attacking player has been physically interfered with by the actions of a defending player that causes him to be in the goal crease, play shall not be stopped and any legal goal scored shall be allowed.

(Note) The goal crease area shall include all the space outlined by the semi-circular crease lines (including crease lines) and extending vertically to the level of the top of the goal frame.”


QUESTION: What is the correct call if the defending team shoots the puck out past there own blue line & it bounces off their own player & goes back into their end zone while there is still an attacking player inside their blue line?

ANSWER: Situation 24 under Rule 630 in the USA Hockey Playing Rule Casebook states:

“A defending player shoots the puck into the Neutral Zone. It then deflects off another defending player in the Neutral Zone back into his Defending Zone while an attacking player is in the zone. Is the play off-side?

Yes. Rule Reference 630.b.

Any deflection, whether off a teammate, an opponent, an Official, or the boards or glass creating an off-side situation at the blue line, must be treated as such. The puck deflecting off a defending player is not the same as a defending player carrying or passing the puck back into his Defending Zone.”


QUESTION: A player is on a near breakaway, and gets hooked from behind. while off balance, he runs into the goalie. the defensive player was called for hooking. Is the player who ran into the goalie because of the hook called for interference? I'm assuming that type of penalty would be the same if he was cross-checked or tripped into the goalie.

ANSWER: Attacking players are always expected to maintain control while skating toward the net, and they must avoid reckless contact with the goalkeeper.

However assuming the attacking player was skating under control, and the defending player’s actions caused him to lose control and run into the goalkeeper then the attacking player should not be penalized. This would be similar to an attacking player stopping short of the goal to avoid contact, and being knocked into the goalkeeper by a defender.


QUESTIONWhat are the regulations for advertising on hockey jerseys for youth hockey? Where can they be found? We have s sponsor that has requested the advertising.

ANSWER: There are no advertisement restrictions for team sweaters in the USA Hockey Playing Rules. As long as the general rules are followed,

-  Completely covers the upper-body
-  Identifying player numbers
-  All similar in color

You’re free to place sponsor adds any place on your team sweaters.

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