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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 27

By USA Hockey, 02/04/22, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: Sight lines...GoPro's...Game assignments...and more.

QUESTION: A player receives major plus game misconduct penalties for fighting, plus a match penalty for removing an opponent's helmet. What penalties are served and for how long? The game I watched had the players team kill a 10 minute major penalty. Is that correct?

ANSWER: Assuming one player on Team A receives Major plus Game Misconduct and Match penalties, and no player on Team B receives any Major or Match penalties to cancel any of the five-minute shorthanded time for Team A, then Team A will skate shorthanded (non-terminating) for ten minutes.


QUESTIONCan my son's 12U coach suspend my son for a game at his own discretion, because he thinks that he plays too aggressive? His assistant coaches disagree and I would like to know the rule under which he can suspend a player based on his discretion.

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question at this forum since it does not regard the USA Hockey Playing Rules. Ultimately, this issue is between the player, parents, coaches and hockey director. Therefore, we encourage you to contact your local hockey association to find out more information.


QUESTION: How visible do the lines etc have to be on the rink and which USA Hockey rule applies?

ANSWER: The simple answer is “as visible as possible”. Unfortunately, since all rinks are private entities outside of the control of local hockey associations there is no way to enforce any type of ice quality standard other than having the local hockey associations move games and practices to a different location.


QUESTIONAre GoPro's allowed to be worn during games in an Adult Hockey League? Looking at Rule 304 and Rule 308 there should be no problem wearing a GoPro over the age of 18 in an Adult League.

ANSWER: Under the current USA Hockey Playing Rule interpretations, no cameras (helmet mounted or otherwise) may be worn during any USA Hockey sanctioned games.


QUESTION: How do i book games to ref?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey National Office does not coordinate game assignments or game assignors. In all cases, USA Hockey games in your local area are either assigned by an Independent Contractor Assignor or Local Officiating Association who makes an agreement with the local hockey associations and leagues.

Typically, there is time allotted at each Level 1 Classroom Seminar where the local game assignment process is reviewed and contact information is shared (e.g. “Email John Smith when you receive your Card and Crest”).

Furthermore, the assignment process varies across the country. In some cases, a local assignor makes phone calls and emails confirming availability for games, and in other cases officials are asked to join an online assignment software system where they plug in weekly availability and receive games to confirm each week.

To find out more about the assignment process in your area, we recommend contacting your local USA Hockey representatives using the contact information listed through the Officiating Directory. You can use the Officiating Directory link under the OFFICIALS tab at to find more information.

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