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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 22

By USA Hockey, 12/31/21, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: Charging the goalkeeper...A history question... A cross-ice hockey question... and more.

QUESTIONWhat year did the symbols for face-off appear on the ice?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question at this USA Hockey Playing Rules forum. We suggest checking online resources for historical facts about the game.


QUESTIONDo the USAH rules apply to cross-ice hockey? My son is an 8U player, so the rinks are split so that three games can be played at the same time. The two games that took place on the outside edges had a goal net for each team. The game that my son played in the middle didn’t have goals; instead, they had to play with two orange cones as the goal. The handbook does specify information about the goals, but does it apply to young players?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules do not specifically cover the game logistics of cross-ice hockey. Since cross-ice hockey is a grassroots non-competitive competition, most guidance regarding game operations would be provided by ADM Hockey material, your local ADM Regional Manager or by your local hockey association.


QUESTIONIs icing nullified by the puck bouncing off/touching an attacking teammate's skate or body in the same fashion as if it tipped off their stick?

ANSWER: Icing would be nullified if the puck touches an attacking teammate’s body or stick, provided the attacking teammate is positioned on the attacking half of the center red line.


QUESTIONPuck enters crease prior to attacking player. The puck is under the goalie's pad or glove, and the opponent drives goalie and puck into net with stick prior to whistle blowing. What’s the rule?

ANSWER: An attacking player may not make contact with the goalkeeper who is positioned in his/her goal crease, and the attacking player may not push the goalkeeper who has possession of the puck into the goal to score a goal. If this happens, the goal must be disallowed and the attacking player should be assessed a penalty for interference or charging depending on the degree of contact (see USAH Rule 607(c) & (d) – Charging).


QUESTIONOfficiating a local High School tourney game under NFHS rules. Both teams are from out of state and normally play under USAH rules. If a kid receives a Disqualification (DQ) penalty, what path is taken for filing the game report? That is, through NFHS since it was under that rule set, even though he is not representing his HS, or via USAH?

ANSWER: Since this game was governed under NFHS sanctioning, there is nothing that can (or should) be done with regard to USA Hockey game reports. USAH and NFHS are separate governing bodies with separate discipline structures. You may check with your local supervisor of High School (NFHS) Officials to see if there is any reporting process you can follow to make sure this incident is forwarded back to the offending team’s High School.

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