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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 21

By USA Hockey, 12/24/21, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: Face-off locations...Serving penalties...A coaching question...and more.

QUESTIONA player received a minor penalty. On the way to the box, he argued the call and was issued a misconduct, and a game misconduct. A player from the bench was sent into the penalty box to cover the minor penalty. The other team scored, but the refs would not release the player from the box saying that this player needed to cover the other player's misconduct. Is this correct?

ANSWER: No, the substitute player in the penalty bench was simply there so someone could leave the penalty bench after the minor expired. Since Misconducts and Game Misconducts do not effect on-ice strength, the substitute player should be allowed to leave the penalty bench after the power-play goal was scored and play returned to 5 v. 5.


QUESTIONLast weekend we had a ref indicate that my student coach needed to wear a helmet with a full face shield. Looking at the USA Hockey student coach webpage it says "Must wear a helmet with full face shield, gloves, and skates while on the ice. Must wear helmet during games while on the bench." The fact that it specifies that a full shield while on the ice but just says "helmet" while on the bench, I take that as he just needs a helmet and full face shield is not required.

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules do not address the equipment requirements of coaches and student coaches. This issue would fall under the jurisdiction of the USAH Coaching Education Program. Please feel free to direct this question to your District Coach-in-Chief who can provide an answer and some guidance on how to educate your local hockey association and officiating association.


QUESTIONWe had a player that was hit in the throat by the opposing players stick. The ref said it was not a penalty because it was follow through on the player's shot. This seems counter to the high-sticking and head-contact rules which states it is the player's responsibility to control their stick. Can you please clarify if in the rules of high-sticking and head-contact don't apply during a follow through? Is it the responsibility of the offending player or the receiving player?

ANSWER: Under the USA Hockey Playing Rules, all players are responsible for controlling their sticks at all times, and “high-stick” contact with an opponent during a back-swing or follow-through of a shot (or pass) is still a penalty.


QUESTION: Correct face-off location after play is stopped for premature goalie substitution while a delayed penalty is being called and the play is in the non-penalized team's attacking zone. Is it still center ice or does that change because of the called penalty?

ANSWER: The face-off location for Premature Substitution of the Goalkeeper is the same regardless if the goalkeeper was substituted during a delayed penalty or during normal play (i.e. late in the third period).


QUESTIONA player is given minor plus misconduct penalties with two seconds left in the game. Is there any repercussion to carry over to next game? If not, any repercussions to retaliation penalties after the game?

ANSWER: There is no additional discipline (or carry-over) from a minor plus misconduct penalty to the next game on a team’s schedule.

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