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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 16

By USA Hockey, 11/19/21, 6:15AM MST


This week’s features: Goal pegs...Taunting...Mouthpieces...and more.

QUESTIONCan a minor penalty be called for "snowing" a goalie in the face if he is covering a puck?

ANSWER: This would be classified as taunting and penalized under Rule 601.a.


QUESTIONAs I read the rule regarding mouth-guards it is a little confusing. It specifies mouth-guards for all 12U players through 18U. Does this mean that 10U are not required to wear mouth-guards?

ANSWER: You are correct. Mouthpieces are recommended for 10U hockey and below, but they are not required equipment.


QUESTIONTeams are at 4 v. 4 strength. At the face-off we did not see one team put a fifth player on the ice from the bench. Nobody left the penalty box prematurely. The team that had the extra player scored a goal. What is the correct call after the goal?

ANSWER: A team cannot score a goal if they have more players than they are entitled to on the ice. Therefore, the goal must be disallowed.

Assuming, the extra player was an error by the team during the line-change, and the officials who are responsible for counting players before dropping the puck, the offending team shall not be assessed any penalty. Play will resume with the proper number of players on the ice.


QUESTIONIs it mandatory to have pegs on the net during 10U hockey?

ANSWER: USA Hockey does not have any official policy regarding the use of goal-post pins. The decision of what playing levels should use them is left to the Local Associations, Team Officials, and Game Officials to make with the best interests of fair play and player safety in mind. We recommend contacting your local Youth Association to receive more information about their policies.


QUESTIONWhat is the official USA Hockey Rule for parents in the locker room with 10U players?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question at this forum since it does not regard the actual Playing Rules of USA Hockey, and does not regard referee decisions. For more information, we recommend consulting the Locker Room Policy in the USA Hockey Annual Guidebook which is available under the ABOUT tab at

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