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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 14

By USA Hockey, 11/05/21, 1:00AM MDT


This week’s features: Delayed penalties...No-show officials..."Net's off!"...and more.

QUESTIONIs there ever a situation where a goal may be allowed with the net dislodged? I have seen referees count goals since "the net was barely off" or "the net being off didn't affect the play.

ANSWERRule 610(e) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Play shall be stopped immediately when the goal frame has been displaced from its normal position.”

Therefore, the officials must disallow a goal if they are 100% certain the goal frame was displaced prior to the puck crossing the goal line.


QUESTIONWe recently had an in-house game where the rink forgot to request referees. The game was played with the home team's head coach officiating the game. He does not have any official certifications through USA Hockey. Does the fact there are no certified officials on the ice have an impact on coverage?

ANSWER: This situation would be treated like a normal in-house scrimmage. Assuming you mean insurance when you say “coverage”, as long as all participants (coaches and players) are USAH Registered and USAH Playing Rules are followed then USAH Member Benefits would apply.


QUESTIONThe referee blows the whistle to line up for a face-off. A player calls "time out". Can the official refuse the time-out?

ANSWERRule 636(f) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Time-outs must be requested during a stoppage of play prior to the conclusion of the line change procedure.”


QUESTIONI was under the assumption that if play is stopped for an injury, with a coach or trainer coming on ice that the player has to leave the ice.

ANSWERRule 206(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A player other than a goalkeeper, whose injury appears serious enough to warrant the stoppage of play, may not participate further in the game until the completion of the ensuing face-off.”


QUESTIONIf there is a two-man advantage power play in progress when a third penalty is called against the short handed team what happens? I believe that you can never have less than 4 players on the ice including the goalie so a three man advantage would you add a 6th skater or is the penalty delayed?

ANSWERRule 408(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“If a third player shall be penalized while two players of the same team are serving non-coincidental penalties, he shall proceed to the penalty bench immediately and may be replaced by a substitute on the ice. However, the penalty time of the third player shall not begin until the first such penalty has expired.”

Once one of the active penalties expires (or terminates after a goal), the third penalty begins. If this occurs during play, the player whose penalty expires may not return to the ice immediately since the team is still serving two penalties. The players would return either during stoppages, or during play assuming they are entitled to return to 5 v. 4 or 5 v. 5.

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