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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 13

By USA Hockey, 10/29/21, 11:45AM MDT


This week’s features: Picking up the puck..."C's" & "A's"...Off-ice Officials...and more.

QUESTIONOur team has five rostered coaches for a youth team. We know four are allowed on the bench during a game. Can the fifth coach operate the penalty boxes?

ANSWER: There is nothing preventing a coach from serving as an Off-ice Official during a game. However, if they serve as a Penalty Bench Attendant then they must act impartial and be willing to assist the On-ice Officials in any way needed. In other words, they must act like an Official during the game.


QUESTION: Can we have one Captain, and three Assistant Captains on a team?

ANSWERRule 202(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Prior to the start of the game, each team shall designate one Captain and not more than two Alternates on the scoresheet.”

However, this rule extends to exercising the actual privileges of Captain during a game. There is nothing preventing a team from allowing more than one player to wear a Captain’s “C” (as long as the actual Captain for the game is clearly marked on the scoresheet) or having multiple Alternates.


QUESTIONDuring a penalty shot, attacking player touches the puck and immediately falls to the ice, sliding alongside the puck which eventually stops just before the blue line. Play is blown dead. Rule 406(c) seems to assume the failed penalty shot was taken from inside the attacking zone. After a failed penalty shot, is the only option to face-off at an end zone face-off spot in the attacking zone?

ANSWER: In all cases, a “failed” penalty shot attempt results in a face-off in the defending end-zone of the offending team.


QUESTIONA Team A player commits a penalty infraction while Team B has possession of the puck in Team B’s Defending Zone. During the delayed calling of the penalty, Team B advances the puck into its Attacking Zone whereupon a Team B player commits a minor penalty infraction. Play is stopped immediately and both penalties are assessed as coincidental minor penalties. Where is the ensuing face-off?

ANSWER: At the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot. Rule References 612(b and c) and 409(a). The two infractions did not occur at the same time even though they will be recorded as such, and the reason play was stopped was because of the infraction committed by an attacking player in their Attacking Zone.


QUESTIONThe goalie is down in the butterfly position with the right foot at the post and the stick flat on the ice protecting the corner of the net. The puck is loose between the goalie's stick and the net so players from both teams are vying for the puck. The goalie lets go of her stick and picks up the puck off the ice with her blocker hand and raises it up to show she has possession so the ref blows the whistle. The ref then informs her that dropping the stick to pick up the puck is illegal. Is it?

ANSWERRule 618(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A minor penalty for delay of game shall be assessed to any player, other than the goalkeeper, who picks the puck up from the ice with his hand(s) while play is in progress.”

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