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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 6

By USA Hockey, 09/10/21, 4:00AM MDT


This week’s features: When to assess a 5+GM, Taunting and Goalkeeper Crease questions.

QUESTIONA player deliberately sprays snow onto a goalie. Unsportsmanlike conduct would be the infraction I would call but looking through rule book, I really didn't see anything pertaining to this.

ANSWER: This would be interpreted as “taunting or inciting an opponent” under Rule 601(a)2.


QUESTIONWe're being told by several officials that if a player is "injured" during a minor penalty, the offending player is to receive a minor and a 10 minute misconduct for the injury, regardless of the severity. Ex. player is tripped, player falls injured elbow, stays on the ice for 30-60 secs then returned to the bench. One he got to the bench we were told that since he was "injured" it's a mandatory misconduct as well. Mind you the "injured" player was back on the ice the very next shift.

ANSWER: This was the main purpose of the recent USA Hockey Playing Rules change that replaced "injury" with "reckless endangerment" as to the guideline for determining whether to assess a minor penalty or a major plus game misconduct.

Generally speaking, officials are not doctors. Which means determining whether a player is "injured" is difficult. Judging the offending action to be "reckless endangerment" is a much easier guideline for game officials to follow.


QUESTIONHad this incident last night, does the man in crease rule still apply when it's an empty net? Had a player trip up and slide into his offensive crease, upon getting to his feet one of his teammates had shot the puck into the net for goal. There was some controversy about it, so just looking for some clarification.

ANSWER: The Goal Crease exists to protect the Goalkeeper during play. Therefore, if the Goalkeeper is removed then the crease does not exist as far as the position of attacking players.


QUESTIONThere are 30 seconds left in the game. There is a turnover and a Team B player now has a breakaway. In the neutral zone the Team B player is tripped from behind by a team A player. All the criteria of a penalty shot have been met. The Team B player gets up and before he regains possession of the puck, the horn sounds to end the game. Is a penalty shot still awarded to the Team B player?

ANSWER: In this case, the penalty shot would still be awarded and taken after the period has ended.


QUESTIONIs a goalkeeper required to wear hockey socks or other clothing (long johns, sweatpants, etc...) underneath his goal pads?

ANSWER: There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that requires a goalkeeper to wear leg coverings under his/her leg-pads.

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