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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 4

By USA Hockey, 08/27/21, 6:15AM MDT


This week’s features: Puck shot off the goal frame, puck shot after the whistle and a "sticky" situation...


QUESTION: If players from opposing teams lose their sticks and each player picks up the other player's stick, is that a penalty on each player or no penalty at all?

ANSWERRule 625(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“(a) A minor penalty shall be assessed for interference. This includes the following actions which shall be penalized under this rule:
Preventing an opponent who has dropped his stick or any other piece of equipment from retrieving it.
However, if neither player is trying to retrieve their stick and each player accidentally grabs the wrong stick, then there should be no penalty.


QUESTION: A goalie slides post-to-post to make a save and the shot goes in as the net is coming off the moorings (goalie slide is the cause) and it is too close to tell which happened first, what call should be made?

ANSWERIn this situation, the officials must use their best judgment as to whether the goal was dislodged before the puck completely crossed the goal line. If the net was dislodged first, the goal must be disallowed.


QUESTION: Is a player who is serving a 10 minute misconduct allowed to take off his helmet and leave it off while in the box. I understand that on the players bench they are required to keep the helmet on, but does that go for the penalty benches as well?

ANSWERPlayers are always required to wear their helmets and face-masks while on the team bench and penalty bench.


QUESTION: If the puck is shot off of a part of the goal frame that isn't the posts or crossbar by an attacking player, where is the ensuing face off location?

ANSWERIf this is in regard to the recent rule change for face-off locations, then the interpretation is the puck must be "shot" (not dumped in) and deflect off the crossbar, goal-post, boards or glass for the face-off to remain inside the attacking zone.


QUESTION: A player is offside and the whistle blows. Player then shoots the puck into the net after the whistle had blown. Where should the face-off be?

ANSWERRule 601(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

(a) A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be assessed to any player who commits the following actions:

Shoots the puck after the whistle, if in the opinion of the Official such shot was avoidable.

In this situation, the player who shot the puck after the whistle would receive a minor penalty and the face-off would be located in the defending end-zone of the offending team.

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