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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 3

By USA Hockey, 08/20/21, 6:15AM MDT


This week’s features: Offsides, Dislodged goals and Goalkeeper Sticks...

QUESTION: During a game, the team benches straddle the blue line. During a delayed offsides, and attacking team player is offside, and gets off the ice inside the end-zone. The replacement player gets on the ice also inside the end-zone. Still offside? Or on-sides?

ANSWERIf the puck enters an end-zone with attacking players offside, and one player changes at the bench inside the end-zone (both retiring and new player are still in the attacking zone) then the play would remain off-side. All attacking players must be simultaneously clear of the attacking zone to nullify the delayed offsides.


QUESTION: Can a player use a goalie stick?

ANSWERRegular skaters may not use a Goalkeeper Stick due to the fact that it does not conform to the legal measurements for a Players’ Stick.


QUESTION: Can a youth hockey player use a visor instead of a cage?

ANSWERHalf-shield Visors are not permitted to be worn at any level of Youth Hockey (8U through 18U, including High School) regardless of the age of the player.


QUESTION: If stoppage of play is near center ice face off spot. Is the face off at the center ice face-off spot?

ANSWERSince most face-offs are determined by what caused the stoppage of play, we cannot completely answer this question. However, if your question is whether the center ice spot can be considered for a location of a Last Play Face-off, then yes this is the case.


QUESTION: I saw a game where a goaltender slid to the post and a puck was in his equipment somewhere. When his body hit the post, the net was dislodged. After hitting the post, the puck fell out of his equipment and rolled into the net. A goal was awarded. Is that the correct call?

ANSWERRule 610(e) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“Play shall be stopped immediately when the goal frame has been displaced from its normal position.”

Therefore, play should be stopped as soon as the net is dislodged, and you cannot have a goal occur after a whistle.


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