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2021-22 ATO | WEEK 2

By USA Hockey, 08/13/21, 6:15AM MDT


This week’s features: Broken skate blades, broken doors and managing equipment violations.

QUESTION: When hosting a tournament, what are the earliest and latest start and stop times for each age group?

ANSWERGuidelines for game times, period lengths, and other game operations are dictated by the Local Association and USA Hockey Affiliate of each team. We recommend reaching out to them with this question.


QUESTION: If a goalkeeper loses a skate blade would that be cause for an immediate stoppage of play?

ANSWERSituation #1 under Rule 304 in the USAH Playing Rules Casebook states,

“What action should the referee take when the goalkeeper loses one of his gloves during play?

Keeping safety as the primary consideration, the referee should stop play whenever the goalkeeper loses a glove and is in a vulnerable position UNLESS there is an imminent scoring opportunity in which play should be allowed to continue until the imminent scoring opportunity has passed. Rule References 304(a & e).”

This would apply to a goalkeeper with a broken skate blade, play should be stopped immediately unless there is an immediate scoring opportunity.


QUESTION: After the ice was resurfaced the Zamboni door wouldn't close properly. It took (17) minutes for the rink employees to fix the door. We decided to play the game and adjust the game clock accordingly, but at what point, if any, should the game have been suspended due to unplayable rink conditions per 636(e)?

ANSWERAccording to your question, the rink conditions were not unplayable since the door was fixed. If the door was not fixed and presented a risk of injury or unfair playing conditions, then the game should be suspended immediately and the issue reported to the Local Hockey Association or League.


QUESTION: Can a Mite aged player play on a squirt aged team?

ANSWERUnfortunately, we cannot answer this question since it does not specifically regard the USA Hockey Playing Rules.
We encourage you to contact your District or State Registrar (through your local hockey association) with this question. Registrars are responsible for tracking all team rosters and player eligibility in their respective areas.


QUESTION: I have a question, players on bench with no helmets, and shaking hands after game without helmets. If there is no issue or penalty or warning given what is the next step? High school level, this has been corrected but what could and can happen if someone complains about the above situation.

ANSWERIf a player on the bench does not have his helmet in place, the next face-off can be delayed until he/she puts the helmet on. The coach, who is responsible for the safety of the players, should maintain control of his/her players on the bench and fix this quickly.
If players are removing helmets during handshakes, the game officials should remind the players to keep them on. If this situation is beyond control and happening repeatedly, the Officials Association can bring this issue to the attention of the league who is responsible for enforcing the USA Hockey Playing Rules and looking out of the best interest and safety of their players and teams.

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