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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 30

By USA Hockey, 03/26/21, 6:15AM MDT


QUESTION: If a player has two misconduct penalties in two different games, is he in danger of being suspended? Or what are the other consequences?

ANSWER: There is no season cumulative Misconduct Rule in the USA Hockey Playing rules. The only cumulative rule that pertains to misconducts is a player who receives two misconducts in one game (Rule 404.a). Furthermore, Rule 411 and Rule 615(f) pertain to Major penalties accumulated during a season.
However, your local league or hockey association may have local disciplinary rules in place that address your question and we encourage you to contact them.


QUESTION: If a player is injured and a boarding penalty is assessed. Is it true that the player who was injured cannot return to the game if a 5-minute major and game misconduct is assessed?

ANSWER: There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that removes an injured player from a game if the injury was the result of a Major plus Game Misconduct infraction.


QUESTION: During play in Team A's defensive zone, a player on Team A covers the puck in the crease. Team A's goalkeeper is injured on the same play. Team A has no substitute goalkeeper on the bench. May Team A designate another player as a "temporary goalkeeper" to defend against the penalty shot?

ANSWER: Yes, if a team’s only goalkeeper is injured prior to defending a penalty shot the team may appoint a "temporary goalkeeper" to defend against the shot.


QUESTION: Is there a rule outlining acceptable start times for games and practices (i.e. no game or practice will start before 6:00a or after 10:00p)?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question due to the fact that there are no USA Hockey Playing Rules that address this topic. These guidelines are generally decided on by the various USA Hockey Local Affiliate Bodies. Therefore, we recommend contacting them using the contact information in the USA Hockey Annual Guide which is located under the ABOUT tab at


QUESTION: During play, Team A is substituting players while the puck is in front of their bench. A Team A player exits the ice at the center ice side of the bench. Another Team A player at the other end of the bench is about to jump on the ice and reaches over the boards and passes the puck to a teammate already on the ice. Since this player was about to (and did subsequently) jump on the ice, and the player he was substituting for was already off the ice, is this a legal play?

ANSWER: A player may not participate in play while in the team bench. Both feet must be on the ice to be eligible to play the puck. The location of the retiring player in your situation is irrelevant.

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