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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 27

By USA Hockey, 03/05/21, 6:15AM MST


QUESTION: Can any player wear a GoPro camera or camera-base on their helmet?

ANSWER: Cameras (and camera mounts) may not be worn on any part of the body, by any player, goalkeeper or official during games.


QUESTION: Unlike NHL rules, I see no USA Hockey rule that would prohibit player changes after icing the puck. Is it legal to for a team to ice the puck and then change players during the stoppage of play?

ANSWER: Under current USA Hockey Playing Rules, teams may change players after icing the puck. This is to prevent tired players from being forced to participate in the game, which could lead to injuries.


QUESTION: Our son is a first-year goalie. Can the goalie come outside of the crease to challenge a shot? One of his teammates told him at this level he has to stay in the crease.

ANSWER: A goalkeeper is not restricted to his/her crease (at any level) to defend the goal. However, he/she may not leave the crease to cover the puck for a stoppage of play (must have part of body inside the crease).


QUESTION: Player A is on a breakaway just past the blue line of his defensive zone. He is tripped, directly from behind. A delayed penalty is signaled against Team B. Player A gets up from the ice, and continues towards the goal in another breakaway. He attempts a shot, but he is hooked on the hands by Team B (directly from behind). Two penalty shots?

ANSWER: This situation would result in one penalty shot/optional minor (Tripping) and one minor penalty (Hooking). The smart coach might consider taking the 5 vs. 3 advantage depending on the shooter.


QUESTION: If an offensive player shoots the puck on an empty net from his defensive zone and it hits the post and continues over the red line, is it icing?

ANSWER: Icing shall be called any time the puck is shot by a player from their defending side of the center red line and the puck completely crosses the opponent’s goal line (assuming "shorthanded" rules don’t apply and the puck does not enter the goal).