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A Thankful Hockey Family

By USA Hockey, 11/25/20, 11:00AM MST


USA Hockey asked players, coaches, officials and families to explain what they're thankful for in celebration of Thanksgiving

Last week, we asked the USA Hockey family to share the the things they're most thankful for with Thanksgiving right around the corner. Hockey has returned in many different forms across the country, and while the sport looks slightly different, the positives and impact of the sport remain the same.

As members of the hockey family, we all have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. 

Thankful To Play

We are thankful that we can still play hockey during this crazy time. We may have to cram a Zoom session for school in before morning practice or get dressed outside in the parking lot, but it’s all worth it to see this smiling face!

- Submitted by Jenny W.

Thankful For Brothers

We are thankful for these two brothers getting to share practice ice for the first time at ages 6 and 4.  We are thankful for a wonderful hockey organization keeping things safe and making this memory possible!

- Submitted by Meryl B.

Thankful For Staying Safe

I am so thankful for a team and organization that is doing everything in their power to stay safe and keep running. At a time where the kids are in virtual school and rarely see friends, they have hockey to look forward to. Go Raiders!

- Submitted by Andrea H.

Thankful To Be On The Ice

My favorite memory in 2020 was the moment the rink reopened at the end of “stay at home” order. Here I am, filled with excitement and ready to go!

- Submitted by Michael M.

Thankful For Outdoor Hockey

We were so thankful to be able to play outdoors last February in Athens, GA. Many from that team returned to game action last weekend. Some in Nashville, some in Atlanta. We are fortunate to be able to play. We understand the privilege and responsibility to help the teams stay safe.

- Submitted by Scott E.

A Few More Submissions

I am thankful that at 51 I was able to start playing this great game that I had been watching since I was a child. Starting my second year in a rookie league, I have made some great friends, learned a lot about the game that you can’t get from only watching it, and have been able to revive some of that inner competitiveness that I have been missing.

- Submitted by Larry A.

I am thankful for our son's team winning their league playoffs last season.  Many players of the 2005 Royal Oak (MI) Eagles had been together since Mites. The playoffs for our division was scheduled for early March.  As a coach, I was a bit disappointed they were so early as we had less time to prepare.  Little did we all know that arenas in Michigan would close the week after our championship. Very happy that our players, parents and coaches will have the memory of the championship we won during this very rough year.

- Submitted by Scott T. 

I am thankful this Thanksgiving for a roof over my head, food on my table and my family’s health. During these crazy times it’s the simple things to be thankful for. I am also thankful that my kids can attend school in person and my son can play the best sport ever...Hockey!

- Submitted by Andrea

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