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Help Families Return to the Ice

By USA Hockey, 10/27/20, 11:15AM MDT


Read first-hand stories from families applying to the Membership Relief Fund

The Membership Relief Fund is dedicated to helping families who have been financially impacted by covering the cost of their child’s USA Hockey membership. Since the campaign launched this August, over 1,700 youth players have received help to return to the ice.

With the 2020-21 season beginning, The USA Hockey Foundation continues to focus on driving for more donations to ensure families can keep their child playing hockey.

To receive assistance, apply for the Membership Relief Fund grant here. To donate, which is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, please click here.

Below, read the stories from families that have applied for assistance and see the impact a contribution to the Membership Relief Fund could make.

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Words From Families Applying For Assistance

“My daughter thrives while playing hockey. The friendships she’s maintained, the confidence she’s gained, and the much-needed guidance from coaches are second to none. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, I have had to take time off work as a single mother. The grant will allow my daughter to continue to grow and thrive as a young hockey player. She has been feeling the effects of isolation and missing her friends at the rink. I would truly appreciate any assistance with this hockey season.”

“My son has severe ADHD, and being home and not seeing his friends or getting out for exercise with COVID-19 closing everything has been a pretty big challenge for him. He’s been looking forward to hockey since the last season ended.”

“Hockey keeps my son focused and motivated to do the right things. Hockey has been his life, all his life.”

“Having a girl who plays hockey is a lot different than having a boy. When my daughter started playing hockey, it was very intimidating because she was the only girl on her team. Today, she is a different person because of hockey. It helped her let go of her fears and shyness, and she gained so much confidence in herself, not only as a player but in her daily life. Being a hockey player has taught her so many great things by being part of this sport, such as: (1) giving 100 percent when she is on and off the ice; (2) being part of a team and learning how to communicate effectively with her teammates; (3) working and practicing hard to win and accept losses and understand how it happened; (4) having self-esteem that helps her face challenges and being strong mentally, emotionally, and physically; (5) through playing hockey, she stopped stuttering and built her unique character that makes her stand out and gives her confidence; (6) learning how to focus and not be distracted; (7) understanding the importance of time and being organized and prepared for each game and practice; and (8) being responsible for taking care of her equipment and making sure she is prepared.”

“I have two boys who play hockey. I will give my last dime to make sure they play. Hockey is the only sport my kids have stayed in for years. Hockey is their happy place, their home away from home. Hockey gives them a positive outlet from the things that have affected us this year. I have been laid off due to the pandemic and been diagnosed with breast cancer this year. With medical bills and our household bills piling up, this will help them greatly and give them a place to let go of the chaos surrounding us and let my boys have fun and normalcy.”

“I am a single mom committed to fostering my children’s love for hockey. Both children love playing hockey, pour their hearts into the game and their teams. They’re always looking forward to the new season. This sport has given my children many unique opportunities. Hockey has given them each friendships and crucial character-building moments, which would not have been made possible in any other sport or activity.”

“My son is nine-years-old and struggles with ADHD. Hockey is the only sport that he’s been preparing for since he was three when he started learning to skate. Hockey gives him an outlet to get his energy out, work on sportsmanship, and have fun with his teammates while improving his skills every season.”

“I’m a single mother, and I am disabled. My son absolutely LOVES hockey and comes alive on the ice. Without the grant, I will not be able to sign him up to play hockey this year. It hurts me as a mother that I cannot afford for him to play such a wonderful sport because I can no longer work. I would be grateful if we were to receive assistance so that my son can play another season.”

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