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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 24

By USA Hockey, 02/12/21, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: Team A Goalkeeper covers puck in the crease while attacking player from Team B is crashing the net. Team A Defenseman makes body contact with Team B Forward as he is going for covered puck and the forward's stick hits the goalkeeper. Is this a Slashing penalty?

ANSWERThe USA Hockey Playing Rules are clear that a player is always responsible for controlling the actions of his/her stick at all times. The Team A Defenseman could be penalized for his actions against the attacking Team B Forward, but this does not absolve the Team B Forward from acting responsibly with his/her stick.


QUESTION: Entering an overtime period, the current on-ice situation is Team A on the power play (5 v. 4). Overtime rules are "4 v. 4". Does the period start with "5 v. 4" or "4 v. 3"?

ANSWERIf regulation time ends "5 v. 4" in a game that is directed to play Overtime "4 v. 4", the Overtime period begins "4 v. 3". The cardinal rule of "4 vs. 4" Overtime is, “You cannot start play 5 vs. 4 at any time”.


QUESTION: A face-off was held in our end-zone. The other team for some reason (no penalty) only had 4 players lined up, including the center. The ref called for the team to bring out its 5th skater. Is this correct or should he have dropped the puck? Does a team have to put 5 skaters out? 

ANSWERRule 250(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“Both teams must place the full number of players on the ice to which they are entitled to prior to the face-off.”


QUESTION: Per Rule 308(b), No electronic device shall be used to question, challenge or dispute a game official’s decision or judgment while the game is in progress. In a previous Ask an Official it mentioned that Go-Pros were not allowed to be worn, due to their potential issues. Can you clarify if USA Hockey Sponsored equipment such as the UHWK are allowed? In the Ask an Official this year it was mentioned that so long as it is used as a training device an iPad could be used.

ANSWERCameras (GoPro, UHWK, etc.) are not allowed to be attached to the helmet or any other part of a player’s body during USA Hockey games.


QUESTION: Will I need to complete the online video modules before I attend the seminar?

ANSWERUSA Hockey prefers that an official completes as much of the Online Seminar Modules content as possible before attending a classroom seminar. However, it is not required to be “completed” prior to attending the classroom seminar.