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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 19

By USA Hockey, 01/08/21, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: During a legal stick lift (a quick lift-and-release of the opponent's stick to gain possession of the puck), is it a penalty if the opponent continues to hold the puck carrier's stick off the ice with no attempt to play the puck?

ANSWER“Stick-lifts” and “Stick-presses” are legal defensive actions as long as they are executed at the lower portion of the opponent’s stick (near the blade) and do not overtly interfere with the movement of the opponent.

In other words, a player my briefly lift an opponent’s stick to gain possession of the puck, but any prolonged stick-lift that interferes with the movement of an opponent with no attempt to play the puck must be penalized.


QUESTION: Team A has the puck in their defensive zone. Team B has pulled their goalie and has six attackers on the ice. Team A shoots the puck down towards the Team B net. After the puck was shot, a Team A player slashes a Team B player prior to the puck entering the net. The referee indicates a delayed penalty on Team A and the puck then crosses the goal line into the Team B's net. Does the goal count or not?

ANSWERIn this situation, the goal would be disallowed. Otherwise, a player could shoot the puck and hit an opponent with a high-stick on the follow-through and the goal would count.


QUESTION: During a shootout, is the goalkeeper allowed to take one of the shots in full gear and with a goalie stick?

ANSWER: Goalkeepers are not permitted to attempt to score during a shoot-out. 


QUESTION: At 10U level, is a slap-shot (high stick) violation an automatic whistle or do we wait to see possession like a normal high stick?

ANSWERThis call would be made immediately since the high-stick offense occurred just before the player executed the shot (and touched the puck).


QUESTION: When there is a "too many players on the ice" call that is being delayed while the non-offending team has the puck, is there a way other than normal stoppage reasons or control by the offending team for a whistle to be blown?

ANSWERWhen an Illegal Substitution violation occurs during a game, the referee should raise his arm to signal the delayed bench minor penalty (the linesmen would not raise their arm if they observe the violation). Once the offending gains possession and control of the puck the referee (or linesman) should stop play and assess the penalty. If play stops for some other reason, then the referee would assess the penalty as normal.