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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 18

By USA Hockey, 01/01/21, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: If the puck is dropped but the clock does not start, and the timekeeper sounds horn while play is going on, should play be stopped and where is puck dropped to resume play?

ANSWER: Play should always be stopped when the Game Clock horn/buzzer sounds, and the face-off would be located at the Last Play Face-off location.


QUESTION: I know a player is not allowed to play the puck with a goalkeeper stick. In the event a goalkeeper breaks or loses his stick, can he use a player stick given to him by a teammate?

ANSWER: A Goalkeeper’s Stick’s measurements do not meet the criteria for Players’ sticks, and therefore cannot be used by a player. However, a Player’s Stick measurements do meet the criteria for Goalkeepers’ sticks.


QUESTION: If you are assessed a Fighting penalty and suspended but play on multiple teams, can you play on team that you are not suspended from?

ANSWERUnfortunately we cannot answer this question since it does not deal specifically with the USA Hockey Playing Rules and the USA Hockey National Office does not handle game suspensions.
We encourage you to contact your local disciplinary body (league, hockey association, USAH Affiliate, etc.) for more insight into your situation.


QUESTION: During a loose puck scramble at the side of the net, the goaltenders glove is knocked off. Is the play whistled dead immediately? What rule is that under? and where is the face off located?

ANSWERSituation #1 under Rule 304 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules Casebook states,
“What action should the referee take when the goalkeeper loses one of his gloves during play?
Keeping safety as the primary consideration, the referee should stop play whenever the goalkeeper loses a glove and is in a vulnerable position UNLESS there is an imminent scoring opportunity in which play should be allowed to continue until the imminent scoring opportunity has passed. Rule References 304(a & e).
If the Referee judges the goalkeeper has deliberately removed any equipment during play he should assess the offending goalkeeper a ‘Delay of Game’ minor penalty.”


QUESTION: This pertains to Situation 6 & 7 under Change of Players, determining if a goalie was pulled on the fly or during a stoppage. What is USA Hockey's reasoning behind only allowing a goalie back into the game during play if he changed on the fly. If a goalie was pulled on the fly but then we had a stoppage of play for an offside can the goalie still be put back in the game on the fly when play resumes?

ANSWERThe ”spirit and intent” behind Rule 205(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules is to prevent a goalkeeper from delaying the game by going to his team bench (particularly if there is a running game clock).

If the goalkeeper substitution and return to play occurs during play, there can be no delay.  Furthermore, if the goalkeeper is substituted he/she may return at the next stoppage or during play following that stoppage.