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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 17

By USA Hockey, 12/25/20, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: If a team has two players in the penalty box for minor penalties (on-ice strength is 5 v. 3), and receives a third coincidental minor penalty with the other team, when do the coincidental minors start?

ANSWERCoincidental penalties always start immediately when play resumes since they do not affect the on-ice strength of play.


QUESTION: In a regular season, what is the rule for picking up substitute players if you're short?

ANSWERWe cannot answer this question at this forum since it does no regard the Playing Rules of USA Hockey, and officials do not manage player eligibility or team rosters (other than game sheet rosters). All team rostering questions should be directed to either your Local Hockey Association or State Registrar.


QUESTION: When a youth player receives a game ejection they are suspended for next scheduled game. Are they allowed to be on the bench, in civilian dress, during the suspension game?

ANSWERThe USA Hockey Playing Rule Glossary definition for Team Official states,
“A player or goalkeeper on the roster who is unable to play, other than through suspension, may be on the players’ bench without being considered a Team Official if he is wearing the team jersey and all required head and face protective equipment.”


QUESTION: A player gets a penalty. There is no glass between the team bench and penalty box. After the penalty, does the player have to re-enter the playing surface or can they climb from the penalty box to the team bench?

ANSWERRule 205(d) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“A player serving a penalty on the penalty bench, whose penalty has expired, must proceed by way of the ice and be at his players’ bench before any substitution can be made.”


QUESTION: During a game, a puck deflected off an attacking player's skate and into the goal. The officials initially signaled a goal, but then talked and decided it wasn't a goal because it deflected off the skate. They agreed that there was no kicking motion. Is there any circumstance where the official was correct in disallowing the goal?

ANSWERA puck that is “kicked” or deliberately “directed” into the goal by an attacking player’s skate must be disallowed. However, a puck that accidentally “deflects” into the goal off an attacking player’s skate may be allowed.