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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 15

By USA Hockey, 12/11/20, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: The officials fail to call an off-side play. Play continues into the attacking zone and a goal is scored. Should the goal be disallowed if the officials become aware that the play illegally entered the attacking zone?

ANSWERIf a goal occurs after the puck enters the attacking zone on an off-side play, the goal should be disallowed. The officials may confer and decide whether the play was originally off-side or not. The goal may be disallowed even if the official near the blue line originally called the play on-side if another official is 110% sure the play was actually off-sides. If no official witnessed the off-side play (not 100% certain of off-sides), then the goal should be awarded.


QUESTION: Can a goal ever be scored after the whistle? During a scramble in front of the net, the officials lose sight of the puck and blow the whistle (the puck was actually loose). Then they allow a goal scored after the whistle. They admit the whistle was before the goal, but state the goal counts since the puck was actually loose (which is true) and that the goal was scored so quickly after the whistle that the whistle didn't actually affect the play (also true).

ANSWERA goal cannot be scored (puck entering the net) after the whistle has blown.


QUESTION: Team B commits a minor penalty and the referee signals a delayed penalty call as Team A has possession and control of the puck. Team A goalie leaves the ice for extra attacker. Team A maintains possession and control of puck. Team B player makes direct contact with the stick (never touching or controlling the puck) of Team A player who at the time has control of the puck, and as a direct result, the puck ends up in Team A's goal. Is this a good goal?

ANSWERThis goal must be disallowed since it was the actions of a Team B Player (offending team) that caused the puck to enter the Team A goal.


QUESTION: This season we purchased a small video camera We were told by an official that if we wore it during a game he would violate Rule 308. As I read Rule 308 it prohibits devices that allow communication not video. And that device could not be used to overturn a call during the game. Has Rule 308 been amended to totally prohibit any electronic devices.

ANSWERRule 304 (Protective Equipment) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules does not allow any modification or alteration to a player’s helmet. A player is not allowed to remove or add anything to the helmet, otherwise the HECC Certification is voided.
Furthermore, USA Hockey does not allow participants (players or officials) to wear cameras on the ice during games.


QUESTION: What determines if play is 5 v. 5 or 4 v. 4? I've been told if coincidental minors, it stays 5 v. 5 but if penalties are different 4 v. 4. I've seen 4 v. 4 after coincidental roughing penalties, so what's the correct answer? 

ANSWERDuring USA Hockey games, when two teams receive an equal number of minor penalties the on-ice strength does not change. If one player on Team A and one player on Team B each receive a minor penalty, play resumes at 5 v. 5 (assuming this is what it was when play was stopped). If one player on Team A receives two minor penalties and two players on Team B each receive one minor penalty, play still resumes at 5 v. 5.
The general rule is, equal number of penalties on each side of the game clock cancel out.