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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 14

By USA Hockey, 12/04/20, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: When is the play whistled dead when the referee determines that a penalty shot is warranted? For example, if a player is hooked on a breakaway, does not get a shot off but maintains possession, and then the same player that was on the breakaway takes a penalty after the fact, does that player still get to take the penalty shot and then serve his own penalty?

ANSWERWhen a rules infraction occurs that mandates a penalty shot, the play is stopped when the offending team secures possession and control of the puck. Any further penalty infractions would be served after the penalty shot is complete. If a player on a break-a-way is fouled from behind (penalty shot) and then commits a minor penalty infraction, they may take their penalty shot and then enter the penalty bench to serve their minor penalty.


QUESTION: If a player earns a major plus game misconduct for Head Contact (elbow to opponent's head), and the opponent engages the offender resulting in a second major plus game misconduct for fighting, is Rule 403(b) applicable?

ANSWERRule 403(b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules applies to any situation where a player receives two major penalties (for any infraction) during the same game.


QUESTION: What is the rule regarding the running of the clock in a blowout game?

ANSWERThere are no rules in the USA Hockey Rule Book that provide guidelines for a running game clock. These rules would be established by the host association or league.


QUESTION: Is there an official rule and what is the rule number regarding placing pegs in goal posts for different age groups?

ANSWERUSA Hockey does not have any official policy regarding the use of goal-post anchor pins. The decision of what playing levels should use them is left to the Local Associations, Team Officials, and Game Officials to make with the best interests of fair play and player safety in mind. We recommend contacting your Local Hockey Association to receive more information about their policies.


QUESTION: Player received a two minute minor...becomes verbal with ref and gets an additional 10 minute misconduct....another player serves the 2 minute minor....what is the TOTAL time the original player stays in the box: 10 or 12?

ANSWERIf a player receives a Minor and Misconduct penalty he must serve the entire twelve minutes (2+10) consecutively. The additional player his team must place in the box is serving the shorthanded time (not the Minor itself). Since the Minor penalty must be served first (and posted on the penalty clock) the additional player is in the box so their team will have someone available to leave the penalty box and enter the game at the end of the Minor.
If the opposing team scores during the shorthanded Minor penalty time, the Minor is immediately terminated and the Misconduct penalty begins. In other words, the player who received the penalties will be released at the first whistle after ten minutes after the goal.