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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 13

By USA Hockey, 11/27/20, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: Can an official referee a game that their siblings are playing in? Or any other relatives?

ANSWEROfficially, the USA Hockey National Office and District Staff do no coordinate or oversee the game assignment process. Games are assigned by either an Independent Contractor Assignor or  Local Officiating Association that does not have a formal affiliation with USA Hockey.
That being said, USA Hockey does provide recommendations and guidelines for assignors to follow and assignors are highly discouraged from assigning officials to games involving siblings, relatives or close friends. However, sometimes there is another side to the story. Perhaps the assigned official didn’t show up due to car trouble, illness, or injury. This puts both teams in a difficult situation, and the only option might have been to allow one of the player’s brothers (who is a registered and educated official and happened to be at the game) to officiate the game. It’s either this or go home.
If you have any questions about the assignment process in your area you can have your team representative or hockey association contact the assignor. This process will add credibility to any claim, instead of sounding like a grumpy parent.


QUESTION: Can a goalie play with a broken stick?

ANSWERA goalkeeper may not participate in play with a broken stick due to risk of injury to another player. They must immediately drop the stick.


QUESTION: Is a penalty still enforced after a penalty shot?

ANSWERIf you are asking if an offending player must serve a penalty after the opposing team is awarded a penalty shot, it depends. Assuming the penalty shot was awarded for one minor offense (hooked from behind on a break-a-way), then the penalty shot would be awarded for the offense, the infraction would be recorded (but not served) for the offending player, and the offending team would not be shorthanded after the penalty shot occurs.
If the offense was a major infraction (a major slash from behind on a break-a-way), the penalty shot is awarded and taken, and the offending player (and team) must serve the major penalty.
Lastly, a successful penalty shot does not terminate a minor penalty being served by the opposing team (the team scored upon). If the penalty shot is successful, the opposing team’s penalty continues.


QUESTION: Team A is shorthanded. Team B has a delayed penalty being called for tripping, and Team A scores before the Team B gets possession of the puck to cause a whistle. Where TEAM A was shorthanded, does Team B's Delayed Penalty terminate or does it get served and the teams now play 4 on 4 for the remainder of Team A's initial penalty?

ANSWERIn this scenario, the goal terminates the delayed minor penalty and play resumes 5 v. 4 after the goal.


QUESTION: Is there a rule regarding a spectating parent in the bleachers wearing a referee's sweater?

ANSWERThere is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that prevents a spectator from wearing a referee sweater.