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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 11

By USA Hockey, 11/13/20, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: What is the rule of bringing a player up from 10U to 12U to play goaltender?

ANSWERWe cannot answer the question in regard to playing at a higher level since the Playing Rules do not address this (and referees do not manage team rosters). We encourage you to speak with your Local Hockey Association and State Registrar to find out if any restrictions exist.


QUESTION: If I don't have a goalkeeper, do I need to dress another player as a goalkeeper or can I use six skaters.

ANSWERIf you do not have a goalkeeper for a game you have two options,

  1. Play the entire game with six skaters; none of which have the privileges or restrictions of a goalkeeper.
  2. List one skater on the roster as a Temporary Goalkeeper who may wear any equipment and exercise all privileges and restrictions as a goalkeeper. Once this player is “named” he/she cannot be changed unless the normal goalkeeper arrives at the game.


QUESTION: Are the boards along the team benches considered part of the playing surface or considered out of play? Better said, is the puck still "in play" if it bounces on top of the dasher in front of the team bench, does not touch any players and then bounces back into play onto the ice?

ANSWERSince the puck is still considered “in play” if it comes to a state of rest on top of the boards, the boards are generally considered “in play”.


QUESTION: What are the rules regarding timeouts at the 12U level?

ANSWERRule 636(f) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“Each team is permitted one time-out of 60 seconds duration during the game whether in regulation play or overtime. For time curfew games, no time-outs shall be permitted.”
That being stated, Local Hockey Associations and Tournament Committees are entitled to make their own rules regarding Timeouts in relation to ice time and curfews.


QUESTION: Is a goalkeeper who is 18 years-old (an adult), and playing in the 18U Level permitted to wear a non-HECC approved helmet/face-mask?

ANSWERThe equipment rules in the USA Hockey Playing Rules relate to the Age Category of the game. Therefore, an 18 year-old player playing in a 18 & Under Youth (or High School) game must wear a HECC Approved helmet and face-mask, regardless of whether he/she has signed any waiver. There are no provisions in USA Hockey to waive this rule at the Youth Level.