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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 9

By USA Hockey, 10/30/20, 6:00AM MDT


QUESTION Can a penalty be called for "diving" or

ANSWER There are no Diving or Embellishment penalties in the USA Hockey Playing Rules.


QUESTION I was a scorekeeper in a 14U game where an altercation broke out in front of a team bench at the end of the game. Both coaches were telling the officials that it was not a fight because there were no injuries and no one their dropped gloves. The officials wanted to give game misconducts for both players as well as a game misconduct for the player that tried to break free from him while he was separating the teams. The coaches talked him out of giving the penalties. I think the ref was correct? Was he?

ANSWER The Glossary definition of Fighting in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“The actual throwing of a punch (closed fist) by a player that makes contact with an opponent.”
Dropping the gloves or injuries are not required for a Fighting Penalty to be assessed. In simple terms, it all starts with a punch.


QUESTION On a boarding penalty, how is the assessment determined concerning injury and whether to assess a Game Misconduct? if the player goes down, stays down, but then later leaves the ice under their own strength should a Game Misconduct be assessed?

ANSWER There is no textbook “definition” of an injury, and most officials have little to no medical training. Therefore, USA Hockey instructs all officials to take their time and observe how the player responds after the contact. How long does the player stay on the ice? Does he/she need assistance skating to the bench? Does he/she return to the bench or immediately go to the locker room? Is there any visible blood, or other obvious sign?
It can be a difficult decision to make, so all officials should err on the side of caution and assess the Major plus Game Misconduct if there is no strong doubt of an injury.


QUESTION Are any players, including the goaltender allowed to wear a Go-pro Camera on their helmet?

ANSWER The USA Hockey Playing Rules do not permit any player (or goalkeeper) to wear any type of camera during a game.


QUESTION Is there a rule or requirement that players in the Penalty Box must be or remain seated until their penalty time expires?

ANSWER Obviously, a player must stay in the penalty box while serving a penalty, but there is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that requires him/her to be seated the entire time.