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2020-21 ATO SEASON: WEEK 7

By USA Hockey, 10/16/20, 6:00AM MDT


QUESTION: Please define Crease Violations. Is it called only when obvious goalie interference is seen?

ANSWERRule 625(b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A face-off shall be conducted at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot anytime an attacking player stands, holds his stick, or skates through the goal crease provided the puck is in the attacking zone, the attacking team has possession of the puck and the goalkeeper is in contact with the crease.

No goal may be scored with an attacking player in the goal crease unless the puck has preceded the player(s) into the goal crease or the goalkeeper is out of the goal crease area.

However, if the attacking player has been physically interfered with by the actions of a defending player that causes him to be in the goal crease, play shall not be stopped and any legal goal scored shall be allowed.”

For more guidance about interpretations, we encourage you to review the Rule 625 Casebook Q&A Situations.


QUESTION: If an official is seen wearing an old officiating crest, what should be done?

ANSWER: Any official who is wearing an expired crest on their sweater should be reported to your Local Supervisor of Officials through your Hockey Association.


QUESTION: How do I set up the nets and where do I get the puck at the beginning of the game in ADM game?

ANSWERThere are no official guidelines to how ADM (half-ice or cross-ice) games should be played. Generally, it is up to the coaches to decide where the goals should be placed, when face-offs should occur, and other game guidelines.


QUESTION: A player scores his third (hat trick) goal and the fans throw foam pucks with the team logo on the ice. The pucks were given out prior to the game. The game had to be stopped for five minutes to pick up the pucks, thus delaying the game. Is this a penalty to the team who gave out the pucks?

ANSWERThere is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that allows for a penalty to be assessed for spectators throwing articles onto the playing surface. However, this could be reported to the host association or league to deal with if the delay was detrimental to the game.


QUESTION: Team A is killing a penalty. Team B has a delayed penalty called on them. Team A scores a short-handed goal. Is the man advantage negated?

ANSWERIf a team is shorthanded, and that shorthanded team scores a goal during a delayed penalty call to the power-play team the delayed penalty is reported on the game sheet but is not served. Play will resume at the on-ice strength at the time of the goal.