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Health and Wellness Presented By Thorne

By USA Hockey, 04/03/20, 9:15AM MDT


Learn how nutrition impacts your training goals

Maximize Gains with the Athlete's Plates

Training volume and intensity vary from day to day and week to week along your training/competition plan. Eating your meals and fueling your workout or competition should also be cycled according to how hard or easy it is. The Athlete's Plates are tools for you to better adjust your eating to the physical demands of your training plan.

Next-Level Nutrition

If you want to be an elite player, you must eat elite. Read ingredient and nutrition labels. Avoid fast food, sodas, sports drinks and juices loaded with sugar. Start planning ahead and learn how to cook. Print out the nutrition poster and use it as a guide this season.

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Nutrition poster

Realize. Recognize. Reduce

Be an informed consumer and understand the risks before deciding to use any dietary supplement. These resources will help you gain a better understanding of the dietary supplement issue and cover topics including: Realize. Recognize. Reduce.

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"It's crucial to have confidence in the products that we provide to our athletes, especially when those athletes put their trust in us as a staff to be doing everything we can to look after their safety and wellbeing. The quality of Thorne products and the importance they place on certifying a safe product is great. Having a third party like NSF ensure the quality just adds an extra layer of confidence."

Jason Hodges, Head Athletic Trainer

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