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By Harry Thompson, 02/08/20, 4:15PM MST


Looking Good As Important As Playing Good At Pond Hockey

One of the highlights every year at the Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Pond Hockey Championships is seeing the creative team names and colorful uniforms worn by the participating teams. This year is no different. Here are a few that caught our eye.

Reinbeers (Texas) | Women's Bronze

Bucci Mane (Minnesota) | 30 Bronze

Magically Delicious (Illinois) | Women's Bronze

GoalTinders (Wisconsin) | Bronze 21+

Team Greytooth (Wisconsin) | Women's Silver

Menace To Sobriety (California) | Beginner

Angry Beavers (Illinois) | Women's Bronze

The Rick Flairs (Texas) | 40+ Tier II

Bear League Beauts (Illinois) | Women's Gold

Mason's Benders (Washington, D.C.) | Silver 21+

Unicorns (California) | Women's Beginner

Trinidad & Tobago (Illinois) | Intermediate 30+

Wicked (New Hampshire) | Women's 30+

Poppin' Tarts (Illinois) | 21 Bronze

Ponies On Zambonis (Michigan) | Women's Gold

Lucky Puckers (Illinois) | Beginner

Paisans (Illinois) | Novice

Placek And The Heartbreakers (Wisconsin) | 30+ Silver

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