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Still reeling from the 2019 Advanced Officiating Symposium

By USA Hockey, 10/21/19, 2:45PM MDT




“Educational and helpful.”

Those are just a few of the adjectives used when asking officials about this past summer’s inaugural advanced officiating symposium in Bloomington, Minnesota.

“I guess the one word that comes to mind regarding the symposium is inspirational,” explained Stephen Herman, a level 3 official from Florida. “I expected that this would be more of a seminar, but the symposium was informational, inspiring and it was enjoyable to hear the top USA Hockey officials and NHL officialsCAA coaches speak about their experiences and how USA Hockey helped make their dreams come true.

“Even though I do not have to attend another seminar or take a closed book exam, I am hoping that I will be able to attend additional symposiums in the future. This symposium gave us excellent material to bring back to our associations. Based upon my background, I am honored to be part of the "first class" to attend the symposium.”

Eligible officials won’t have to wait very long to attend another symposium. The USA Hockey officiating program department is pleased to announce the 2020 Advanced Officiating Symposium will be held July 24-26 in Providence, Rhode Island. Be on the lookout for early bird registration, coming soon.

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“Congratulations on a truly amazing event!  I know USA Hockey was pumped up for it and I can honestly say you completely knocked it out of the park. As always, I was excited to have a part to play for USA Hockey and honored to be a part of the event with so many inspiring people.  I have never attended a conference where the attendees have been so engaged and passionate throughout.  It was energizing to be in the room with them all and the impact you and the program you have developed has on each and every one of them will be phenomenal.” -- Joy Johnston, Referee-in-Chief Ice Hockey UK

“It was a very well-planned and organized event, that was clear from the very beginning. (USA Hockey) pulled out all the stops, bringing in very high-quality staff, instructors and speakers; that was exciting to see. I’ve been to a handful of different types of USA Hockey seminars or development camps and all of them have been fantastic, but this was by far the highest level of instruction or staff I’ve seen. It was a cool first impression to set the tone for an exciting weekend of networking and camaraderie of other people that share this same passion.

“It was inspiring to hear the experiences of officials at the top of their game and those who have experienced long careers in officiating. Having those nuggets of wisdom to put in your pocket is a refreshing way to start the season. (The Advanced Officiating Symposium) was a great way to meet people or to further build connections with officials that you have worked with in the past.” – Jenna Janschen, 16th season of officiating, currently at the Tier III and ACHA level

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