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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 22

By USA Hockey, 02/07/20, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: I did an adult rec league game where there's a "no slapshot" rule. Because everybody seems to have a different idea as to what constitutes a slapshot, I am curious about USA Hockey's definition of slapshot. I would like to petition the league to provide clarification. Does USAH define a slapshot as a backswing above the waist (like 621d), or the motion of a backswing/connection with puck/followthrough in one continuous motion? Could that be added to the Glossary?

ANSWER: Rule 621(d) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“The use of the “slap shot” in the Youth and Girls’ 10 & under age classifications and below is prohibited. When a player who, in the process of making a forehand or backhand shot or pass, raises the blade of the stick above his waist as part of the backswing, play shall be stopped immediately and a face-off is conducted at one of the end zone face-off spots of the offending team.”

QUESTION: In the defensive zone if the puck is in the air and the defender receives the puck using his hand is he allowed to throw the puck in the manor he received it out of the zone to the neutral zone in order to kill a penalty? *example ( puck chipped off of boards in the D zone. Defender catches the puck underhand at the face-off circle and throws the puck under hand all the way out of the zone into the neutral zone where opposing team takes back possession.

ANSWER: Rule 618(a) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“Play shall be stopped and a last play face-off shall occur anytime a player (except the goalkeeper) closes his hand on the puck and does not immediately drop the puck to the ice.”
Since it is not possible to catch and throw the puck without closing your hand around it first, this action would not be allowed.

QUESTION: While working Clock @ a Tier 1 U16 Game a player used a racial slur towards a player of color. I was between them, I heard it, and the player did not deny saying it. I reported it to his coach who asked me if he could handle it "In House", I said no. I reported it to the game officials and after a discussion with both coaches it was not reported to the league. It continues to bother me because I don’t know if the player was ever disciplined by his coach. How should I have handled this incident?

ANSWER: Situation #17 under Rule 601 in the USA Hockey Playing Rule Casebook states,
“A player directs a racial or ethnic slur to an opponent, which the Referee does not hear. The non-offending team brings it to the Referee’s attention. May the Referee assess the prescribed game misconduct penalty based on the reported incident?
No. While these situations threaten the integrity of the game, the actual incident must be heard and/or seen by an On-Ice Official in order to assess the game misconduct penalty. Rule Reference 601(e.2).
The Referee should report the incident to the Coach or Captain of the team allegedly using the slur, and advise the team of the required penalty if such a slur is subsequently heard (or seen). At the same stoppage, the Referee should similarly advise the team reporting the slur.
In addition, it would be wise for the Referee to notify the Proper Authorities of the incident, as well.”
Unfortunately, the On-Ice Officials must hear the comment to assess a Game Misconduct. However, the incident should be reported to the Youth Hockey Association to make them aware and they (not the coach) can manage the behavior.

QUESTION: Why is Situation 39 of rule 630 considered intentional off-sides for face-off location while Situation 13 of rule 621 is not? Is the position of the off-sides attacking player a consideration when determining intentional off-sides?

ANSWER: Situation #39 is a “dated” situation from when all games were played with Immediate Off-sides. It was missed during the editing process six years ago. It will be edited this summer after the 2017 Rule Change Process.

QUESTION: Are volunteer coaches allowed on the bench during games? He is non-rostered and uncertified through USA hockey.

ANSWER: Rule 201(b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“A team may have up to four Team Officials on the players’ bench. Only players in uniform and properly rostered Team Officials may occupy the players’ bench.”
“Properly Rostered” means all coaches must be registered with USA Hockey.