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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 21

By USA Hockey, 01/24/20, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: Hello, I have a question about time curfew situations where running time is implemented in the third period. This is for Squirts/U10. What are rules regarding this? is a coach allowed a time out? Does the clock stop for goals or penalties? Are the last two minutes stop time?

ANSWER: Rule 636(f) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“Each team is permitted one time-out of 60 seconds duration during the game whether in regulation play or overtime. For time curfew games, no time-outs shall be permitted.”
Other than this, USA Hockey does not have any rules that apply to curfew games or running clocks. You would need to contact the governing hockey association/league for the game to find out more information.

QUESTION: I have a goalkeeper who would like to skate out and a player who'd like to take their place. They are of the same skill level. Is this against USAH Rules?

ANSWER: By strict USA Hockey Rules with game rosters, players cannot be changed from being designated as “skaters” or “goalkeepers” without modifying the Game Roster which will result in a Bench Minor penalty for each change.
That being stated, the playing rules are meant to govern “competition”. If this question is in regard to a Grassroots/Learn-to-Play program where competition takes a backseat to participation and development, we encourage you to work through your hockey association and local officiating association to make the officials aware you want this allowed during games to promote participation. However, this should only be allowed at the lowest skill development levels and cannot be allowed during actual “competition”.

QUESTION: Rule 203(b) states that all players should be dressed uniformly, but I’ve been unable to find anything where teams are attired similarly. Recently I’ve worked games where Team A was wearing black & Team B was wearing navy blue, making it nearly impossible to tell one team from the next. Is there something within the rules that will allow me to address this with the leagues/coaches? It’s not really fair to the teams, if their uniforms prevent me from calling the best game possible.

ANSWER: If team uniforms are similar to a point where it’s clearly a problem, then the teams must do what they can (change sweaters, wear practice pinnies, etc.) to fix the situation. However, if no solution is possible then the teams and officials must do their best.

QUESTION: A team has 21 listed players on the roster (18 skaters and 3 goalies). Before the game we informed the coach that he would need to remove a player from the roster and the game due to illegal roster size. Can the player remain on the bench or once removed must the player exit the bench and playing surface.

ANSWER: The extra player removed from the roster may stand behind the bench provided he removes his/her equipment and wears his helmet/face-mask and team uniform (sweater or jacket) while behind the bench.

QUESTION: I did an adult rec league game where there's a "no slap-shot" rule. Because everybody seems to have a different idea as to what constitutes a slap-shot, I am curious about USA Hockey's definition of slap-shot. I would like to petition the league to provide clarification. Does USAH define a slap-shot as a backswing above the waist (like 621d), or the motion of a backswing/connection with puck/followthrough in one continuous motion? Could that be added to the Glossary?

ANSWER: Rule 621(d) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“The use of the “slap shot” in the Youth and Girls’ 10 & under age classifications and below is prohibited. When a player who, in the process of making a forehand or backhand shot or pass, raises the blade of the stick above his waist as part of the backswing, play shall be stopped immediately and a face-off is conducted at one of the end zone face-off spots of the offending team.