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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 16

By USA Hockey, 12/20/19, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: During the a game, play was terminated by a whistle because Team A had a crease violation in the attacking zone (Team B Defensive Zone). After the the whistle and play has stopped, Team B then receives a 2:00 penalty for roughing a player on Team A while in Team B defensive zone. Should the face-off occur in the neutral zone for the initial call of Team A crease violation in Team B Defensive Zone or does the face off occur in Team B defensive zone for the penalty after play stopped?

ANSWER: Since play was stopped for a crease violation by the attacking team the face-off must be located outside the attacking end zone. The penalty by the defending team does not bring the face-off back inside.

QUESTION: If a goal tender looses his gloves (catcher & blocker) during a scrum in front of the net, should play be stopped?

ANSWER: Situation #1 under Rule 305 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules Casebook states,
“What action should the referee take when the goalkeeper loses one of his gloves during play?
Keeping safety as the primary consideration, the referee should stop play whenever the goalkeeper loses a glove and is in a vulnerable position UNLESS there is an imminent scoring opportunity in which play should be allowed to continue until the imminent scoring opportunity has passed. Rule References 304(a & e).
If the Referee judges the goalkeeper has deliberately removed any equipment during play he should assess the offending goalkeeper a ‘Delay of Game’ minor penalty.”

QUESTION: Pulling the goalie for an extra skater. Official said goalie was not close enough to the bench. And needed to be on the bench before an extra attacker could go on the ice. After the whistle the official took the face-off from the offensive zone to the neutral zone. Then the official told me I had to put my goalie back into the game. Did I have to put my goalie back into the game or played with 6 skaters.

ANSWER: Rule 205(b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“A goalkeeper may be changed for another player (who shall not have goalkeeper privileges) at any time provided the goalkeeper is at the bench and out of play prior to the substitute entering the ice. If the substitution is made prematurely, there shall be no time penalty assessed. However, the resulting face-off will take place at the center face-off spot unless play was stopped with the play in the offending team’s defending half of the ice, in which case the face-off will take place where play was stopped, unless otherwise specified in the rules.

When a goalkeeper leaves his goal area and proceeds to his players’ bench for the purpose of substituting another player, the rear Linesman shall be responsible to see that the substitution made is legal. If the substitution is made prematurely, the Linesman shall stop the play immediately unless the non-offending team has possession of the puck, in which event the stoppage will be delayed until a change in possession take place.”

When “Premature Substitution” is called, the goalkeeper does not have to return to the goal area. The face-off location is the only result of the call.

QUESTION: Is a player who's penalty time has not expired by the end of regulation or O.T. allowed to participate in a shootout?

ANSWER: Under straight USA Hockey rules, no player with an active penalty may participate in a shoot-out. However, leagues and tournaments may have their own rules in place for this.

QUESTION: Can you please confirm if mouth guards are mandatory to be worn, and if so, at what age group does it start?  Are rules different in Canada, or any other areas within the US?

ANSWER: Under strict USA Hockey Playing Rules, mouthpieces are required for all players at the “12 & Under” Level and higher. They are only recommended at 10 & Under Level and below. That being said, tournaments, leagues and associations may make stronger rules with equipment so we encourage you to check with them.
As for Hockey Canada sanctioned events, we cannot answer this at this USA Hockey forum.