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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 14

By USA Hockey, 12/06/19, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: We still have not gotten confirmation if my son passed his closed book test at his ref clinic. I submitted this question and was told it could take up to 2 weeks. It has been over 4 weeks now and we need to know to proceed with the open book test.

ANSWER: We recommend checking your online Profile to check your registration status.
At the Homepage, select the Registration Status link under the OFFICIALS tab. You will find the spot to sign into your profile at the Registration Status page.
Important Note: Your online profile uses certain match points to extract membership information from the USA Hockey Database. Please make sure your First Name, Last Name, Date-of-Birth, and Zip Code in your Profile match the same information in your Membership Record you created when you completed Membership Registration. You may update your profile by using the Update Profile link after you sign in.
Once you arrive at the main IntraLearn Homepage, use the Referee Registration Status link to access your registration information. There will be a series of Green Checks and Red “X’s” to note which steps are complete for the season and what is missing,
The date of your membership registration will appear in this spot.
The date and score of your submitted Open Book Exam and Re-take Exam will appear in these locations (may take 24 hours to appear).
The date and score of your submitted Closed Book Exam will appear in this location. Please note, it may take 2-3 weeks for exam sheets to be processed locally, mailed, and arrive at the National Office. Please contact your seminar coordinator to confirm your seminar materials have been mailed to the National Office if your information is missing.
The logistics of the in-class seminar you are currently registered for is posted here. Additionally, you may use the Transfer button to change to a different seminar
Once the seminar roster is submitted to the National Office, your completed seminar information (date & location) will be posted here. Please contact your seminar coordinator to confirm your seminar roster has been closed and submitted to the National Office if your information is missing.
The date you complete your online education modules will be posted here (may take 24-48 hours to appear). If no date appears, you still need to complete online training.
Please note, you must complete all six Course categories (Pre-Required, Required, Procedures, Positioning, Penalty Criteria & General) to complete online training.
SAFESPORT (training is valid for two seasons and required for officials 18[+] years of age)
The year you complete SafeSport training will appear at this location. If you have completed SafeSport training (either as an official or coach) within the past two seasons and your date does not appear, please contact Joyce Kulpinski (USA Hockey SafeSport Coordinator) at
This section at the top of the Registration Status Page will tell you when your Card and Crest are mailed from Colorado Springs, CO. Please keep your eye out for a letter-sized envelope with USAH Logo. If no date appears next to “Card Sent”, your registration is not complete and you need to check the list above to see what you are missing.

QUESTION: If a team is short handed and ices the puck and the official blows it down as icing where does the faceoff take place? If the puck was iced in neutral zone behind center red line? The rule is hard to understand exact location. Rule 624 | (c) If the Officials shall have erred in calling an “icing the puck” infraction (regardless of whether either team is shorthanded) a last play face-off (end zone face-off spot nearest to the location of the puck when play was stopped) shall occur.

ANSWER: If the officials accidentally call icing, the face-off should be conducted at the end zone face-off spot closest to where the puck was located when play was stopped.

QUESTION: During the course of a delayed penalty on Team A, Team B has possession and control of the puck in its attacking zone. Team B maintains possession for a considerable time until the puck ultimately reaches a Team B player who has ended up on the ice( fallen). His body is on the ice when the pucks reaches him. He covers the puck with his hand to try to get the stoppage and the whistle is blown. Would this be an additional penalty to this Team A player for delaying the game under rule 614 (a)?

ANSWER: A minor penalty for Delay of Game should be assessed to any player (other than a goalkeeper) who covers the puck and makes it unplayable by an opponent.

QUESTION: Can I replace a forward and have 2 goalies on the ice at the same time?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules do not allow a team to play with two goalkeepers at once.

QUESTION: Is jersey #99 off limits for USA hockey?

ANSWER: Strictly speaking, there is no USA Hockey Playing Rule that prevents a player from wearing #99 on his/her sweater.