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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 13

By USA Hockey, 11/29/19, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: I'm trying to sign up for horizon web ref and I forgot the association number and I don't know the last name of my scheduler.

ANSWER: USA Hockey does not coordinate any assignments or operate any assignment system. Therefore, we encourage you to contact your Local Supervisor using the Officiating Directory links under the OFFICIALS tab at

QUESTION: Are goalies allowed to not wear legging or hockey socks under their leg pad? Is it okay to have the entire back of the leg bare skin exposed? What is the rule reference number in the casebook/rulebook?

ANSWER: There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that requires a goalkeeper to wear socks, leggings or other type of covering on their leg underneath their leg pads.

QUESTION: I am under 18 and I'm going to be an official soon. Do I still have to wear full cages helmet of some kind or can I wear just a visor since I am an official.

ANSWER: All USA Hockey Officials must properly wear a half-shield visor, regardless of age. A full face-mask would not work since it would prevent the official from blowing his/her whistle.

QUESTION: My son is currently a 2nd year Squirt playing on the his clubs Travel 'A' team. They've been playing some pre-season games and most recently a coach on the opposing team notified the official that my son's helmet was "illegal" due to a Go-Pro mount.
He's had this on his helmet for 1+ years, playing a fall/winter season last year as well as spring hockey with another program and this hasn't been called out. He's also been training with (2) former professional hockey players and several other hockey veterans and they have not mentioned anything. Keeping in mind that they might not know the rules. Please let me know if we should remove this mount.

ANSWER: USA Hockey Rule 304 states that helmets should not be altered in any way. While stickers are acceptable, a player may not add or remove anything to/from the helmet. This includes helmet mounts for cameras.

QUESTION: What are your thoughts regarding, skating players at age 11/12 for 40 min as a punishment for losing, (what they said was a large margin,) in a game? Would you support a coach’s decision to discipline a team and age this way?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question at this forum due to the fact that it does not regard the actual Playing Rules of USA Hockey. We suggest contacting your ADM Regional Manager with this question.