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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 12

By USA Hockey, 11/22/19, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: If the goalie has been pulled and is on the bench for an extra skater and his team is called for a penalty that results in a penalty shot, can the goalie return to the ice to defend the net or must one of the players in the ice when the penalty was called defend the shot?

ANSWER: If a team is awarded a penalty shot while the opposing team has their goalkeeper removed (assuming no Awarded Goal can be awarded), the goalkeeper may be replaced before the shot is taken.

QUESTION: What is the appropriate path for reporting an official who doesn't apply the current rules of the game? I have spoken with officials who don't seem to like the "new" Boarding and Head Contact rules. One even told me "we don't need 'Head Contact' because an elbow to the head is already covered under 'Elbowing'." As we all know, is goes against the existing rules. To whom should this be reported, and how?

ANSWER: If the USA Hockey Standard of Play regarding Body Contact is not being properly enforced in your area, you may contact your State Supervisor of Officials or District Referee-in-Chief. It might be helpful to have Game Sheets ready and even video record a few games to demonstrate what types of hits are occurring in your games.

QUESTION: After completing the seminar will you get an officiating number, and if so how would I get it?

ANSWER: You will receive your USA Hockey Officiating Number once you complete the online Membership Registration process. It will arrive by email once you submit your information and payment.

QUESTION: What is the officials sign for a bench minor and for too many men on the ice?

ANSWER: There is no signal for Too Many Players. A Bench Minor could be signaled with an Unsportsmanlike Conduct signal if that is the reason for the penalty.

QUESTION: If a player receives a minor, major and game misconduct penalty for roughing and a match penalty for fighting, how long is his team short-handed?

ANSWER: If one player receives a Minor, Major (plus GM) and Match penalty during a stoppage, their team would be shorthanded for 12 minutes.

This assumes the opposing team did not receive any penalties, and the game is played under the standard penalty structure (2 minute minors, etc.).