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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 11

By USA Hockey, 11/15/19, 6:00AM MST


QUESTION: Team A has committed an infraction causing for a minor penalty. The ref signals the delay while Team B is in possession. Team B rips a shot that comes off Team A’s goalie (no possession) and goes across the rink into Team B’s net (whom had goalie pulled for extra man). Good goal?

ANSWER: Situation #2 under Rule 409 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,

“A delayed penalty is to be called on Team A. Team B pulls their goalkeeper. Team B, in possession of the puck, attempts a pass which deflects off a player of Team A and enters the Team B goal. Is the goal allowed?

Yes. The goal is allowed and the minor penalty is assessed. Rule References 409(a & c).

The deflection (by Glossary definition) shall not be considered to be “possession and control.”

The rebound off the Team A Goalkeeper would not be considered “possession and control”.

QUESTION: During a game, while puck is in play, can the players on the bench have their sticks protruding 1 1/2 to 2 feet over the boards basically in a horizontal position?

ANSWER: Players should keep their sticks and gloves inside the bench during the game so they don’t interfere with play or risk injuring a player or official during play.

QUESTION: I have a goalie who wants to wear shorts under all his pads. His legs are bare. Is this legal or obviously a safety issue. Can he play dressed like this?

ANSWER: Strictly speaking, there are no rules in the USA Hockey Rule Book that mandate a goalkeeper must wear socks, leggings or any other type of covering on their legs underneath their leg-pads.

QUESTION: Seems that defensive players hold / interfere with offensive players by pinning them on the boards and holding them there / preventing them moving with their bodies and legs. To me this is holding and / or interference. Isn't this supposed to be a minor penalty? If so, why does it not get called when it happens?

ANSWER: While some pinning and pinching might occur along the boards while two opponents attempt to gain an advantageous position to get control of the puck, a player may not simply pin an opponent to the boards with no effort to play the puck. If a player pins an opponent to the boards in a way that completely prevents the opponent from moving, then a Holding or Interference penalty should be assessed.

QUESTION: What do I have to wear to a level 1 official seminar?

ANSWER: Classroom sessions at USA Hockey Officiating Seminars are very informal. Normal casual attire will be fine. However, you might consider a sweatshirt or fleece in case the classroom is cold.
On-ice sessions at the seminar require skates, a helmet (face-mask removed if possible), and a track-suit. We do not require full uniform until you work your first game.