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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 6

By USA Hockey, 10/11/19, 6:15AM MDT


QUESTION: What is USA Hockey's stance on service animals on the bench? Last night we had a local high school game sanctioned by USA Hockey and the coach (who is partially blind) had his service dog on the bench with him.

ANSWER: USA Hockey has no policy in place to prevent service animals from accompanying owners on the Team Bench.

QUESTION: Recently had a situation where a player serving a coincidental minor left the box after his penalty time would have expired but prior to the next stoppage when he should have left. The player went to the bench and did not attempt to participate in the play. This was not a timekeeper error situation. Should there have been an additional penalty given and as what (too many men?)?

ANSWER: In this case, this would be interpreted as a Penalty Timekeeper error. No additional penalty shall be assessed to the player.

QUESTION: In high school hockey can I wear a visor? In rule 309 it says that they strongly suggests that you were a face mask but it does not say you have to? Does this mean I have to wear one?

ANSWER: Half-shield Visors are not permitted for any players playing in the USA Hockey Youth or High School level, regardless of their age. These are only permitted in Junior and Adult Hockey.

QUESTION: What materials will be needed for a level 1 seminar

ANSWER: It is recommend that you bring your USA Hockey Rule Book, a notebook and pen to the classroom session.
It is required that you bring your skates and a hockey helmet to the ice session. Full uniform is not required for new Level 1 Officials at seminars.

QUESTION: When will we find out if we passed our closed book test? I had my ref seminar last Sat and they said we would be notified in a day or so; but it has been a week.

ANSWER: In general, we recommend waiting at least two weeks before expecting your Closed Book Exam results to appear in your Profile. The seminar materials must be processed locally and then mailed to Colorado Springs, CO where they are immediately scored.